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  • Hallo! 🙂
    Not quite sure my question is understandable? I’ll write better.

    I would like to give my customer an enhanced “Description field” in a custom taxonomy. In the website we’re working on this is an important part of the content management. Right now, by default, the description of a category or taxonomy is in plain text. In fact “The description is not prominent by default; however, some themes may show it.” Ok, super fine.

    But how can I hack it so that it becomes more like a post or page content field? There is a way?

    Thanks in advance, ciao!

    ps, in the effort to be more clear, this the url of the page I wish to hack
    …my customer needs to add a descriptive text for each project, and it would be great if she could just do it as it were a post content.

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