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  • Hello, I’m a guest curator at It’s set up as a Page. I’m wondering if it’s possible to alter the way WP Pages displays my blog posts, in the following manner:

    I would like to be able to blog so that with each new day, the previous day’s posts are archived and kept on the second page. For example, if I made 5 different blog posts about red cows on 7/22/10, and then followed that up on 7/23/10 with 5 new posts about blue cows, I’d like all red cow posts from 7/22/10 to be archived by themselves on the second page. Thus, the blue cow posts are the only posts seen from this day today.

    I apologize if I missed the documentation on this. It’s more comforting to interact and get help with people.

    Thank you for any advice,

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