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  1. sabster
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey everyone. WordPress is dope I'm learning so much! But I have a question... I want to make a widget that looks like this:


    I don't know logically how widgets work well enough to know how to do this type of thing.

    I know with all the widgets I made in the past, I had to use the " list-style: none!important; " to remove the bullet points next to each thing, but does it work with widgets like each paragraph is it's own "bullet point"? If that's how it is, I can see how to style a widget like this, but if not, I'm kinda confused.

    Would I have to, within the widget itself, seperate things by div classes in order to make something like this, or would by seperating lines in the widget, it would create an unordered list by itself and then I would be able to style it that way?

    (not asking for CSS help here, I know how to make the style, just don't know how the widget structure works for me to make the style possible!)

    maybe i just don't understand widget markup that well if anyone can explain that maybe.... lol thanks.

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