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  • I was wondering how to stream music on a site. I sometimes post a single music file for my viewers to listen to, normally m4a format (mp4 or aac). I do that using a really simple and fun tag that loads just a picture, when you click the “Click to Play” image, Quicktime loads the file and plays it.

    This time around I have a few songs that I want to play, one after the other. I have tried doing m3u and pls files, just use the m3u file or pls in the old script and it would load the music.

    this did not work. the m3u or pls file when loaded into winamp loads the song titles but won’t play the songs and in iTunes it plays the first song but ignores all the rest. on the webpage, clicking the image, I get “-3285 Disconnected” show up and no music is played.

    Any ideas on how to make this work for me? Thanks!

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  • If you want to use a playlist file (like m3u or pls) to do that, the music either needs to exist on the user’s hard drive or be streamed from a streaming server (such as ShoutCast or Helix). Another option might be to use a Flash-based player.

    Unless of course your host will let you setup a streaming server 😉

    I use PowWeb as my host, I don’t think they do streaming of files but maybe someone here knows more about that. 🙂

    What is the flash-based player option? Something that would sit in the sidebar of the blog would be absolutely amazing. I checked out a plug-in that does basically what I want but the interface is not so pretty, it seems a bit thick, and it only does mp3’s.

    Thanks again, you help has been marvelous.

    I currently use wimpy, and I love it … you can see it at [URL removed – see comment below] (but PLEASE keep in mind that the site isn’t officially “up” yet – I’m in the midst of grad school, so just have been getting it together in a few hours here and there … ) anyway, its great, and HIGHLY customizable … I just use it as an include, and furthermore, I can make different playlists load for different pages –

    Oh – I meant to add also that mine isn’t in the sidebare, but you can easily customize a wimpy version that would fit in there …

    one more thing and I’ll sut up – if you go to the main domain – the “home” home page – you can see the button version of wimpy in the bottom left corner … its very handy if you don’t necessarily want track info or anything

    You can always get music and video streaming media hosting at GravityLab Streaming Media Hosting.

    I’m posting this just because I still get a ton of hits from this topic – sorry, I have since vastly changed the site, and the wimpy installation is not up anymore – in fact, the whole blog is kind of “under construction” until I finish my graduate thesis …. so, sorry, no music or player to see at the link….

    just redirect the referer to a “under construction” page for the time you are working on your website. this can be done with a .htaccess rule

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    @drobbins – I have removed your URL from the post above 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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