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  • I have a dilemma in how the data in this scenario should be organised, as well as queried.

    The main elements in the scenario are the following:


    Each player plays for one particular team.

    Each team participates in one or more competitions.

    First I’d like to know how this data should be stored within WordPress, using Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, or maybe custom tables?

    Next comes querying. Let’s say I want to display all players who play in the |Eurocup| competition, and I also want next to each player displayed, his team name and info about team.

    Finally, the whole system should prevent redundancy of data. That is, if for example I remove a team from one of the competitions, the players within the team should be automatically disassociated from that competition. Same if the team description changes, the player list should also display the updated team description.

    Maybe there is a simple solution to this data storage and relationship in WordPress and I’m missing it, so I’d really appreciate some tips on how to implement this.

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  • Each Competition would be a Page. That page would load a custom page template that would use a combination of HTML and custom queries to output data in the manner desired (and some CSS work also).

    Each Team is given it’s own category which of course would be the team name. Each category would have it’s own custom template (Team logo, output list of players, etc.)

    Each Player has a post in the team category. Using the permalink structure /%category%/%postname%/ would make their url to be (which would work well for SEO). If a player is added or removed from said Team category, the well written custom queries used would then not display them in the lists(s).

    Once above is all created, it’s a matter of site flow and design (custom queries, those page templates, custom css).

    Assuming yearly competitions, I would set up WP Multisite per year, first year of course requiring much work, but the subsequent years would start with a copy of the previous year db, and an import of pages and posts to start.

    If done well with CSS, each year could easily provide a fresh look by simple edits to the stylesheet.

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