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  • Hi

    Does anyone know of a way to stop WordPress from stripping out <br /> tags in the code, please?

    I’ve tried installing Advanced Tiny MCE but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Is there something I can add to functions.php instead?


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  • Hi vikkineal, I found this article they may help you:

    Enabling Line Break “
    ” in WordPress

    TinyMCE-Advanced from wordpress is a wordpress plugin, which adds the option to disable the removal of <p> and
    tags when saving a post and in the HTML editor (autop). After installing-activating, the option to enable line breaks can be found in the Settings->TinyMCE Advanced panel.



    I can NOT believe there is NO SIMPLE way to add a line break in WordPress !

    WORDPRESS – would suggest basic editing functions for formatting WORDS !

    I am so annoyed and fed up with this. Why is it NOT STANDARD ?



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    If you use the HTML Editor and stick to it, no markup will ever be stripped out of your posts.

    It’s all well and good saying stick to the HTML editor but folks want a visual quick assurance. This includes professionals. It’s about productivity.

    I just read a post from a couple of years back with someone spouting off from sort of superiority platform that you should use only the html editor or learn PHP and edit the core files to change WP functionality.

    Thats just a ridiculous position. I wonder if the same person would have the view that professional programmers should stop using Visual Studio, or other IDE’s immediately, because productivity is not important they should be constantly prooving they can do everything with a text editor and command line only compilers. Talk about a step backwards.

    Also spare a thought for those who want more control than the visual WP editor offers and who know enough html that they ought to be able to do certain things on the html tab, some of whom NEED a visual confirmation that everything is sitting pretty.



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    folks want a visual quick assurance

    You can preview draft posts, so there’s the visual reassurance.

    OK that’s fair then I should have said:

    It’s all well and good saying stick to the HTML editor but folks want a visual quick assurance, without a compromise to productivity. This includes professionals.

    As I said before it’s about productivity.

    Ironically of course using the visual editor will burdon people further anyway. They will think they have a more productive option than using the preview but of course, they will add carriage returns etc only to find out later they are not implemented in the script. So in fact the preview maybe the best tool of whats available for visualisation. But this does not mean it is a good solution.

    Esmi you may want to talk down critiscim and pretend there are no faults with WP, and that there are alternative ways of doing things to what users expect, but this is not a healthy option. In order to stay ahead of the pack “the team” needs user feedback.

    I am sure you are thinking for every crtical user there are thousands of happy bunnies. But are there?

    Dont get me wrong overall I think WP is a great tool but there are faults. Maybe “The team” should conduct a survey to be clear about which things, if any, really stress the user base. Myabe many of those thousands are just resigned to the fact that they have to accept the situation, after all what else can you expect from volunteer manpower. There has to be a compromise bewteen what you would like to accomplish in a perfect world and what you are able to accomplish with the time available to you.

    Of course the volunteer aspect of this is the nub, and we all have too many other priorities, but coming back to my assertions that “the team” is likely to want to stay ahead of the pack; it needs to listen to do that. A few voices in the wind does not mean there is only a small degree of irritation/dissatisfaction.

    I think it’s difficult to enforce a ‘stick to this editor’ rule, myself. I’m a developer, so I will happily code the HTML in notepad and paste it into the HTML editor myself – or code in directly. It’s a more efficient way of working FOR ME and something I feel more comfortable with.

    However, my clients knowledge of HTML can vary greatly; at times there may be 3+ people entering content on the site and some will use the visual editor, others will use the HTML editor. Again it’s about what they feel comfortable using. I personally don’t think it’s a feasible idea to suggest they can only use one or the other and that everyone needs to use the same one – especially when both options are presented in the dashboard.

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    Esmi you may want to talk down critiscim and pretend there are no faults with WP,

    Andy? Possibly less coffee in the morning? 😉

    So here’s the thing: the Visual Editor is not 100% for everyone and it does mess with your raw HTML edits. But it (apparently, no one’s done a statistical study [why would they?]) works for most people just fine and no one is downplaying criticisms.

    There’s no “silent majority” of dissatisfied editor users. If you’ve a patch or idea for a plugin then that’s one way to go too.

    Also there are other editor options available and you can avail yourself of one of those.

    As Esmi suggested you can also try as suggested to just not use the visual editor at all and that works for some people too. But no one’s talking down your criticisms and you shouldn’t read it that way either.

    Jan – Ok tonge in cheek perhaps but you have started in a similar vein by suggesting that my view is based on my being too intense. This is not healthy.

    But it (apparently, no one’s done a statistical study [why would they?]) works for most people just fine and no one is downplaying criticisms.

    Thats my point you dont know if it works fine for most people, silence is not an indicator of satisfaction. I dont know if the silence is being maintained in satisfaction or disatisfaction, but the team would benefit from the knowledge.

    vikkineal has expressed the point better than I, what is the point on the visual editor if it has no real value? It simply confuses people.

    Look at this thread so far:
    2 proponents – both moderators – maybe that means something for a start
    3 that would prefer it were different
    1 neutral

    The easiest way to do this is by putting every this you want to paste on your blog in a table so everything stays as it is. At least it worked for me.

    I wonder if it applies to <div>. I havent tested that but I did notice since the WP 3.5 update every time I edit a previously saved post – it strips all the changes before updating – meaning I cant.
    But wrapped in a <div> ths behaviour does not occur.



    You can also install TinyMCE Advanced plugin. It has an option to stop WordPress stripping these out – even in Visual mode.

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