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  • I have been trying to filter out a specific kind of spam that Akismet does not catch. The common thread of the spam is that the body of the spam comment only contains something like this: “???? ?????” or ????? ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    I tried using the WordPress admin Settings>Discussion>Comment Moderation or Comment Blacklist box to catch any comment with “???”, but it does not work. I have other terms in there like “porn” and it does catch those. It just seems to ignore the line with the question marks.

    I am getting several of these spam comments every day. Does anyone know how to catch them? I could add a captcha plugin, I guess, but I don’t really like those.


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  • I use a combo of plugins with akismet that keep spam at zilch

    Bad Behavior

    Cookies for Comments

    Simple Trackback Validation

    Do they use a common IP address to post those spam comments? If not, then one of a few choices you have is to go after spam sponsors.

    Thanks – I use Akismet, Bad Behavior, and Simple Trackback Validation. The comments with the ??????? in their body still get through. I had not heard of Cookies for Comments so I looked at the link. It seems like it would be worth installing but I am unsure how it would stop these particular comments. I’ll install it and see if it does stop them.

    @ macsoft3 – No they are not common. There are so many of these comments and so widespread that I am thinking it is a new type of spam. I see spam comments like this on other WordPress blogs all the time now. Have you not come across them when visiting WordPress sites?

    Well adding the Cookies For Comments plugin did not help. These spam comments still are posted. Here is a copy of what they look like. I have had a dozen or so already today. Is there not any way to block them?

    i did notice that the last 4 today all came from the same ip. So I blacklisted that one at least.

    New comment on your post #229 “Another Reason”
    Author : ??????? (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Whois :
    “??????? ?? ????? ????”

    You can see all comments on this post here:

    >No they are not common.

    You mean they use different IP addresses for similar spam posts?

    >Have you not come across them when visiting WordPress sites?

    No. Our spam database captures more than 600 spam posts a day. But I don’t remember seeing that sort of posts recently. What is your character set, anyway? Is it UTF-8?




    lol, the reason why you see this:

    “???? ?????” or ????? ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    is because theyre not speaking english, and your not seeing the non-english characters.

    have you never looked at a page in Japanese? or Chinese? Gotta love the Chinese spammers.

    its just spam, use some decent spam plugins and dont be bothered by it.

    Thanks for the explanation. The thing is that I use Akisment plus the three others listed by samboll above. The ones with the foreign characters changed into question marks still always get through.

    You may want to remove the line for the character set in the wp-config file and see what happens. Otto42 or some other moderator explained at least once before how to let WP read two-byte characters.

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