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  • How do I stop the theme from auto-resizing when you resize your browser or view the webpage on a mobile device?

    I want the page to be a static size and if I make the browser smaller a scrollbar just pops up along the bottom.

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  • Theme Author Silkalns


    To remove responsive layout just open file called header-extensions.php and remove line that says

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">

    This will remove responsiveness entirely

    I removed that line but it hasn’t worked. If I resize the browser it keeps resizing what’s inside the page. Is there anything else that can be done?

    If it helps here is the link to the website

    Home Page

    I want it to be just like this page, if I adjust the width of the browser everything inside the page stays the same size and a scrollbar appears at the bottom.

    sorry for bumping but I really need this to be sorted out 🙁

    Theme Author Silkalns


    It is already sorted out.

    Removing my above mentioned line your website are no longer responsive on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Please check your website on tablet or mobile.

    It won’t work for desktops since there is grid with percentages used. Regular users are not resizing desktop browsers to size of tablets or smartphones. Only developers does that to check their websites.

    I know it works in smartphones and tablets now and that’s great but is there no way to stop it from resizing when I change my browser size on my desktop/laptop? I don’t always work with a full screen browser as I need other windows open and visible too and that’s the main one I’m concerned about

    Theme Author Silkalns


    There is no easy way for that.
    Will have to change max-width, min-width, width and other values via CSS. It’s definitely not worth it since users won’t notice this.

    No chance you could tell me what class values to change and I could try from my end. I’m not bad with CSS its just php that I have no idea about

    Theme Author Silkalns


    There are not just few of them but dozens and you need to analyze all of theme to understand to what values you need to change it in order to keep its original look.

    width: 30%; for one div it can turn into 100px for one div and 300px for another and so on.

    where is file called header-extensions.php placed? can you show the folder directory? and how i edit that? sorry i am still beginner

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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