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  • I’ve been using the Wordspew plugin 1.16 ( for over a year now with no spam worries as I also used Bad Behaviour.

    The past 2 weeks though my wordspew shoutbox has been spammed to oblivion. Neither of these files have been updated or changed by me or their respectives owners, so maybe my site has just got onto a spammers list or they’ve upped their game.

    Any idea how I can stop spammers on wordspew?

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  • I’ve just activated Akismet and the last 10 hours have resulted in no spam, so I may have sorted it.

    Using Akismet together with Bad Behavior is a very good idea; they’re not only not biting each other, what’s more: the key author behind BB has a lot of insight in Akismet development, so they play nicely too. So, you did well.

    Other tip: make sure you have a valid HTTP:BL key to enter in BB (get one over at Project Honeypot) and return the love a bit to the community by using the WP HoneyPot plugin which helps tracking and flagging bad bots also for other users.

    Thanks for the extras here.

    Akismet didn’t make any difference actually, but I’ve signed up to honeypot, added the plugin and also made BB stricter so I’ll see how that goes.

    A strictly set Bad Behavior usually does the trick.

    However, if for whatever reason it doesn’t work for you, you could try a different route: the WP http:BL plugin, which uses the same http:BL API key and very fast DNS type queries, but doesn’t have all the additional protective script filters that Bad Behavior affords.

    Big difference between the two is that the http:BL plugin method just relies on blocking the known bad guys, whereas BB is also and especially able to stop ’em based on their displayed behavior – whether they’ve been spotted elsewhere before, or not.

    Nerdy humor aside: in the http:BL plugin, the following line never fails to make me laugh out loud:

    if ($blocked) die();        // My favourite line.

    Can’t say I disagree.



    Hi, all.

    Sorry if I’m “hijacking” this thread (it’s related to this topic so I hope it’s not a hijack)…

    If you have this Chat plugin password protected are you still subject to or prone to spammers?

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