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  • I recently purchased a domain (, and decided to use it for my WordPress blog. I went through the domain mapping, changed DNS info through my domain provider (1&1), and after telling WordPress that I wanted the domain to be my primary domain, I began encountering problems.

    With this option chosen, I get stuck in a “redirect loop.” However, this only appears to be on my home computer, as when I tried it at work it seemed to work just fine. The only way I can seem to access my blog is switching my primary domain back to the original WordPress one. The domain that I purchased will still direct to my blog, but in the address bar it will say “” and not “”

    I am, admittedly new to this sort of thing. I’ve tried clearing out my cookies and browsing data, but that doesn’t seem to work. Attempting to locate someone with a similar problem on the support forms has not turned up any results. I’m a little frustrated because I’m not sure why this is happening, and why it is perhaps only happening on my computer.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas? They would certainly be appreciated! I had thought that it might be because I am using the web interface, but I wouldn’t think that would matter! Does it?

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