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    Since the list above is not showing version 4.0, I wonder if this is right.
    According to my WordPress website I’m running development version 4.0-Alpha. I had version 3.9 since that’s the stable version.

    I have no big issues with the current alpha version, only the update service is reversing it’s information. Example: It shows that it’s downloading, than it shows that the update is done and that the offline modus is deactivated. After that the starting information is shown. The plugin or theme is up to date and the website is working fine.

    But my real issue is the fact that I did not install any auto update plugins or signed up for beta testing. Well, as far as I know at least.

    I do not want to downgrade right now since the website is working as it should be. But I do not want to install any future beta or alpha versions. When 4.0 is released as a stable version, I want to stick to that one till another stable version is released.

    Do I need to do something to achieve this or not?

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  • Reinstall the files from 3.9 and you’ll be back on the 3.9 branch – This WILL NOT break your site 🙂

    You may have installed a release candidate or beta, which puts you on the upgrade path :/

    Ok I’ll give it a try. Thank’s for the reply Ipstenu. I will come back when I have the results or if I have any questions left.

    If you have questions that aren’t about the alpha/beta version, please make a new topic 🙂

    I know and I will thanks. The reinstall did work. Fantastic! Thank you again for the support.

    My case is the same, i update last time to 3.9 version, but from a few days ago I receive messages from continuous updates ,18 messages from 08/05/14 the latest :
    Hiya! Your site has-been at http://www.———— Automatically updated to WordPress 4.0 -alpha- 20140511 .
    As if this were not enough, worpress is self-installing nightly builds and also suggested me to upgrade some plugins ; I think this issue is foolhardy , plugins shall not be tested ,
    This wordpress belongs to a customer and this seems to do unnecessary risk I do not want to run , and I wonder how it is possible that wordpress do this without consent and also without notice.
    I have no problem helping the community with another wordpress page with more adventurous spirit , but if they do not ask ……….
    The product is normally working by the moment, but I want immediately stop this risk
    I would like to know :
    1 – Is there any alternative to reinstalling ?
    2 – If reinstall the version 3.9, will happen the same?
    3-If he reinstallation is the only way , the event ” chosen as tester” does not occur again , what files should be replaced ( I read :all except config.php and content folder ) I need be sure.

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