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  • Whenever any image is uploaded to WordPress it 3-4 extra thumbnails. It’s not needed for every image I upload.

    Is there any way to stop it?

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  • Anyone?

    Am I the only one who is finding it to be an issue?!!

    I would really appreciate any suggestion.

    Is this some kind of forbidden topic or what?!!

    Yes, this is a big secret, especially for google. Try to check and keep silence πŸ™‚

    Well, I tried that long back.
    And it does not work.

    I don’t mind uploading the images manually through ftp.
    But they are not showing up.

    If to set all img sizes to 0, WP creates only one additional thumb (about 20-25Kb) – for Dashboard interface needs (as I guess).
    Some themes have functions like add_image_size (adds new img size that not available to set in Media Settings), set_post_thumbnail_size and update_option('large_size_w', 500); in functions.php. Last function overwrites media settings automatically.

    Through ftp? You have to write manually an img src parameter in this case, like < img src=""/>

    Yes! That did the trick!
    Thanks Vjpo!

    I still wish there was an option with every image upload, whether to create thumbnail or not. Because for the ‘hero-image’ you might want it, but for the additional images in a post it is perhaps totally unnecessary.

    How/where do you manually add the img src parameter like
    < img src=""/>

    Where? When you writing a post. Are you ready to write it every time? πŸ™‚
    <img src="smiley.gif" alt="Smiley face" height="42" width="42" />

    I recommend to use media library. Extra 25Kb per image doesn’t any matter. There is a lot of hosting providers with unlimited disc space.

    Oh, I didn’t notice what I was writing!
    You tricked me! πŸ˜‰

    What I meant to ask is that if there is any way to upload manually which would also show up in gallery!

    I know, now that just one tiny thumbnail is generated for each image, it does not really matter much.

    I was just getting concerned as my blog is really image-heavy, around 8 to 10 images per post. And those extra images just makes maintaining backup just messier and heavier. Perhaps the database also get’s heavier as well. Especially when there would be hundred of post accumulated.

    All my respects to minimalistic approach, but the golden mean also is good thing.

    FYI (not an advert): The Lazyest Gallery is advanced WP gallery plugin. Among other features the ability to recognise img files those uploaded by FTP. You can upload a folder with images to special LG folder and it automatically became new gallery. After creating thumbs will be saved in separate subfolder. If you set LG thumb sizes as 0x0 – thumbs automatically will disappear. All images available to insert into a post from the Add Media Popup window.
    Cons: the plugin interface is quite complex first time (not so much), and that the gallery inserting images to posts as a short code, so you can’t just switch off plugin if you started using it. But authors developing the plugin very intensive and this is really promising tool also as an img manager for WP.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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