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    I removed them by adding the following code to functions.php:

    /* Remove elementor library templates from WP Sitemap */
        function( $post_types ) {
            unset( $post_types['elementor_library'] );
            return $post_types;

    Personally, I would like them to be excluded by default by the Elementor plugin itself.

    How long time does it take for the sitemap_index.xml file to not show these after updating the function.php file with that code?

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    @arinargubi The change to sitemap_index.xml is immediate.

    The update to Google obviously would be when it next crawls your website. You could submit the sitemap again to Google Search Console to perhaps encourage a faster update.

    If you are using an SEO plugin like squirrly SEO or Yaost you can exclude them from the sitemap very easily. I am using Squirrly SEO and under the tab Squirrly > SEO Settings > Automation, I chose to exclude them from my sitemap. These are essentially theme template files. I have also added a nofollow tag to the templates.

    Im guessing just about any SEO plugin has this feature.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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