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  • Count comment’s author Website link as a link too.
    Then it would be no reason to spam comments as an author must be approved even to display his website link.

    Plus alow to set number of comments when author can display any links, included link to his webpage. It’s done in forums. What is wrong with WordPress?

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  • Then it would be no reason to spam comments as an author must be approved even to display his website link.

    You may as well just set all posts to need approval (or at least one approved post).

    Plus alow to set number of comments when author can display any links, included link to his webpage.

    Sounds like plugin territory ๐Ÿ™‚

    Put it the other way.
    There is setting: ‘Hold a comment in the queue if it contains (Links-Number) or more links’.

    It does not work as it says. Comments with author’s Website link posted even if Links-Number = 0. Therefore it is bug. And this bug helps spam.

    Genuine comments do not have links. At least oneoff comments by casual visitors.

    Genuine comments may or may not have links in the ‘info’. Certainly the majority of legit comments on sites I frequent do. It’s certainly a field many people use, so you shouldn’t discard it in core, but I can see a case where you may not want it.

    The hold comment code does what it says. It refers to comment content though, not the author info.

    You could try something like this in your functions.php (or make a plugin out of it):

    add_filter ('preprocess_comment', 'da_remove_comment_url');
    function da_remove_comment_url ($data) {
    	extract ($data);
    	if ('' != $comment_type) {
            return $data;
    	if ('' != $comment_author_url) {
    		wp_die( __( 'Don't use a comment author URL here.' ), 'Error: URL used in comment'
        return $data;

    Bear in mind, you will catch a lot of legit users in that one.

    No need to block authorโ€™s URL completely. Just to option disable it until their second or other number of posts.

    Perhaps you and I could code it. But what about %99 of bloggers who have little idea even about plug-ins. This where spam thrives.

    Antispam features must be built-in default.

    Akismet isn’t built in for a reason, and it’s not just that the engine isn’t GPL ๐Ÿ™‚ Not everyone needs it, but that’s an argument for another day.

    The example I gave you is more how to scan for the author URL in a comment (I used to use it in Impostercide until some friends of mine who share a site and use the same URL in their comments got caught by it … Oops!)

    You want this then:

    if ('' != $comment_author_url) {
    		Another If to check # of approved comments.
    			If LTE 2, then $comment_author_url = '';

    This is much simpler than many would lead you to believe and can be controlled well with built in WP functions.

    Doing some reverse social engineering on what Spammers desire, it is almost always to post a link to some on your blog….

    So… go to the admin panel>settings>Discussion then look for ‘Comment Blacklist‘. In this box add lines of text similar to:

    …Add what you want to block…

    The result will be that anyone (or anything) trying to post a URL on your site will have their comment marked as comment spam. (Clean these out a regular basis, at your convenience)

    I combine this with setting ‘Comment Moderation‘ to 1 (any comment that has one URL or more is held for moderation and set ‘Before a comment appears‘ to ‘An administrator must always approve the comment ‘.

    I then use the excellent App WordPress for Android (Other versions available) to quickly review comments that come through (that are not spam) for approval.

    I also set comments to close out after a specific period (extremely useful on blogs with many comments) and ‘comment author must fill out name and email’.

    Last, delegating someone with a smart phone, the app, and an understanding of what will be allowed as a comment on your site is fairly cheap and efficient. The spam comments do not even show up in the app making it much easier to review them!


    If you put http:// and https:// in your blacklist, there’s NO point in putting in any other URL info. All URLs have those.

    @ipstenu It was an example.

    “In this box add lines of text similar to:”

    Will something like this help?

    its adds captcha to comment form.

    Captcha in my opinion is very user unfriendly. They are difficult to read for a lot of people and can be a real time consuming challenge for the many people who are dyslectic.

    Why hassle genuine people and make them do something? Why not make the spam bot do something extra instead?

    Just add an extra input field in the form that needs to stay empty and hide it with CSS. The visitor doesn’t see it and leaves it blank but a spam bit will put some data in the field and fail the spam validation.

    I like my method best, although it does not work correctly with the version of WP that came out a couple of months ago. I was receiving 4 or 5 spams a day then suddenly I got a couple hundred one day. I concluded that some asshole had told a bunch of newbies that they could get free advertising by commenting on blogs. I sent a bunch of them a message saying “you can’t advertise here for free. Go back and tell whoever sent you.” Then I used the reply button to send this, then the spam button to avoid sending this message to all my readers. I did this a few times and it stopped. I repeated two more times and now I don’t get any of these concentrated spam attacks. I am pissed off that WP no longer allow me to reply without approving.

    Replying just puts more ‘waste’ on your own site. Just spam the messages and walk away.

    Also you have a totally weird situation AND your own topic ๐Ÿ™‚ –


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    @sushant007: There is no “admin for you to contact. Please post a new topic outlining your problem.

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