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  • I have done so much to stop registration bots and yet they keep registering. I have installed login lockdown and also installed register plus and stop registration plugins and put a math question on the reg page, i even used the word “plus” instead of “+” sign. I made the question very hard, i used both a math question as well as a word question, and a spelling question. Yet they still register.

    I dont have this kind of problem with any of my other sites where it is 4 or 5 bots every day, and i have 25 sites. Other type blogs, forums, and tons of other software. Sure we all get bots once in a while thats a given but i dont ever get them every day like i do with wordpress. What is it about wordpress that makes it special that you can’t seem to stop this right out of the box?

    How do i stop them please? Please help..

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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