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  1. jageo
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm not even sure how to ask this question, which is why I'm having a rotten time searching previous posts for help. Sorry if I'm repeating. :(

    I have a company that publishes four newspapers. They post stories that may appear in more than one newspaper (so I'm pretty sure I don't want a multi-site)
    I thought to have a custom taxonomy to flag which paper(s) the post belongs to (since categories will be: News Sports Entertainment etc)
    My main page will have four links to query a taxonomy template representing each paper. But how do I have links/menus on the pages to read "news" or read "sports" but to stay within the paper?

    Or, worded differently - How do I have a category page that queries FIRST what custom taxonomy the reader is coming from?
    Sounds like setting a variable. Can I do that? Set a variable and pass it along as the reader navigates the site? If yes, would the variable be session specific? I wouldn't want ALL users to have to read "Paper A" or "Paper B"

    Please point to documentation in the right direction, or make suggestions that I can follow up on.

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