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  • I have one blog that someone set up for me.
    Now I want to start a second new blog.
    How do I do that?

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  • If you know how to setup a MySQL database and use an FTP client you should be able to read the documentation here and get started. Otherwise it’s probably best to let someone else set it up for you.

    Surely it’s not that difficult.
    What I figured out was that you have to create a new domain name and host ? So why do I need to set up a MySQL database? I understand that I would also use an FTP client.
    What did I misunderstand? Is there a way to have several blogs all on one blog… actually that is what I might ideally be interested in?



    Newbie here.
    I have 3 blogs on wordpress, I created all 3 via my host provider, registering the domain, creating a mysql database, and uploading wordpress via ftp client.

    I found the easiest thing to do is create a new blog at, establish new domain at host, create mysql database, then import wp 3.1.1 and then exprot wp blog and import it into your new blog.

    Here is the docs for multiple blogs at wp. They mention about needing a separate mysql database.

    Here is the 5 min install link.

    One final thing the 5 min install is more like 55 mins if everything goes right. No you could do it in 5 mins once your use to it. Had some issues setting up the first one, web host had to update the php on there side and then was able to install without a problem.

    The recommended hosts they have probably have automatic uploads , so you might want to work with one of those if you can.

    Got to run.

    So why do I need to set up a MySQL database?

    WordPress is centered around a MySQL database. If you already have a database setup you can use the same information and just assign a new database prefix.

    The wordpress documentation is very helpful. I suggest you try to answer your questions there first.



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    Is there a way to have several blogs all on one blog…

    Your host provider should be able to walk you through step-by-step. You should give them a call since you pay them every month for support whether you use it or not.

    what the heck? I don’t get anything here!! It is not simple, dumb, complicated, and annoying!



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    Try posting a new topic instead of tacking onto a 4month old thread.

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