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  • How exactly do you stablish a ssh connection to a mysql database in order to install wordpress on a server that requires it?

    I had never needed to do this, but the guys at tell me that I need to use a ssh tunnel to connect to mysql database. How exacltly do i do that? Is it with PHP code? I have googled it but all I can find is how to connect your pc to a database through a ssh tunnel, but nothing of the sort for a hosting server-to-database server connection.

    By the way, I didnt choose that provider, someone else gave me the hosting to install the the blog. I normally use ehostpros and they dont require you to use ssh.

    Can anyone help?

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  • I suggest you run the mysqldatabase on the same server or network like the webserver your wordpress has been installed to. then there is no need for a ssh tunnel to connect to the mysql database.

    I do not want to appear rude, but are you shure you need to have the database server on an external host?

    Well, hakre, the thing is I have to. It seems that networksolutions hosting has that kind of configuration for their databases. The give me the ip for the mysql database and the say i have to establish a ssh tunnel in order to connect to it from my hosting server.

    I wouldnt be asking this question if i didnt need an answer, you know what i mean. And no, u are not appearing rude, dont worry.

    You might have luck and access with the mysqli extension is possible then.

    But … all this makes no sense to me. Can you link the documentation from your hoster, maybe a FAQ?

    Am I missing something? I don’t ever remember having to do anything special (short of using the IP address for DB_HOST in wp-config.php) at Network Solutions to install WordPress under one of their hosting plans.

    I am having same difficulty with Network Solutions. I used their automatic install of wordpress which worked great. To log into the database:

    1. Go into the Network Solutions account manager.
    2. Go to the Web Hosting for that site.
    3. Click on the Database Manager under Configurations.
    4. You’ll your wordpress databases with an IP address next to it.
    5. Type that IP address into the URL of your browser.
    6. Enter the DB username and password in the PHP MyAdmin login screen.
    (If you don’t have this already, download your wp-config.php file from the site, and you’ll find the username and password there.)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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