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  • Hello to U all.

    I am working on Mobipress theme, by Web-2-Feel (his website is offline currently under upgrade).

    I tried to split one of the two sidebars that are on the right and move one of them to the left, however I didnt know how to start and what to do , there are 3 sidebar PHPs and things seemed very complicated to me.

    Please help me out of this, am sure it is a piece of cake for professionals.

    You can see the theme and its PHP files here:

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  • sidebar.php is the main sidebar then the other two are contained in that, left(1) and right(2). If you aren’t familiar with CSS i’d just look for a theme that already has the content where you want it.

    Thank you for replying. I am dead on this theme, there is no way I would abandon it after the great tweaks + improvements I made to it.

    Could U please spare me more of ur time if you know how exactly should I do that ? I dont know about CSS, but I have the skills to identify the location of tags and change them as needed (using Firebug actually 🙂 )

    google for three column css layouts. Id get rid of the html in the main sidebar (leave template tags and includes) then float the first sidebar left and the second right and give the main block of content a left margin the size of your first sidebar (this is a simplified description). You really need to research three column layouts though, it isn’t hard if you’ve played around with styling before

    Hello and Thanx.

    IT seems that wouldnt be an easy task, as there is a rectangular box above both widgets which has the width of them combined, an which I dont know where I can place alternatively. I dont want to get rid of it as it is very useful. Yet I dont have the skills to modify it the way I want..

    Seems I would give up the whole idea 🙂

    Thanx again

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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