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  • Is there any option to split the tables in more tables in different databases? The problem is that my the wp_posts table is to big and It takes a lot of time to show in the Dashboards… (more than 20 seconds). I tried the HyperDB but this plugin just can split the database to different databases but the tables remain the same… Example wp_posts from database1 and wp_postmeta from database2, but I need to read and to write other ways…

    (something like this)
    database1 –> wp_posts [from row 0–10000]
    database2 –> wp_posts [from row 10001 to 20000]

    Please help! i searched all day yesterday with no solution…

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  • Hi Alexvorn2,

    Here are some useful links which can help you solve your issue:

    John Bonello
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    Thanks for your reply! But I want to split the table in more tables in different databases, not to optimize, I don’t think this will help a lot…

    The article from the first link from your reply is about the same problem as I have but no solution there about the spiting the table…

    Is this impossible?

    Hi alexvorn,

    It seems that the WordPress plugin HyperDB can do what you are looking for. The plugin is available here.

    If you need help configuring it, drop me a mail. I’ve never used it but we can sort this out quickly.

    John Bonello

    John Bonello replied to me by e-mail that it is not a good idea to split the table as it requires a lot of processing power for indexing, searching etc. And a great idea of installing multiple WordPress installations as sub directories and sort it out that way.

    But I think that searching a single post between a lot of databases is not a big problem… there will be a great effect when searching through a hundred thousand of posts a specific query…
    As my project idea is to make WordPress to handle a lot of products (posts), so analyzing a single table (wp_posts) takes a lot of time, but splitting this table to more tables in different databases (a databases will have it’s own server) will show a very impressive result.

    Please help with an idea or a hint! Is this possible or not?

    I also like this feature, it will help improve the performance a lot for large database.

    I agree that this is also a needed feature. I have over 3200 posts and my wp_posts table is so large that I can’t even optimize or repair it using phpMyAdmin because my memory runs out. This is the only table I have this issue with and if there was some way to divide this large behemoth out into about 10 manageable sized tables, I think the entire site would run faster.

    I hope a solution is found soon! 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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