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    im having a problem with wordpress, my site has recently got so slow!!
    the host is fast and wordpress admin area is fast-loaded too, but the website and pages and posts seem to have delay 😐
    the problem occurred after i sent some new posts!
    web address:

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    Hello @matingholami

    1- You URL has a redirect. Redirects affect performance and it’s good practice to avoid them whenever possible.

    2- You have a total of 66 requests. This means that for your page to load, a browser has to download 66 separate items.

    3- You have multiple CSS files. it’s good practice to join up all of your CSS into one file. IT’s even better if you reduce all the CSS to the bare minimum and then just add it all inline at near the very top of your <head> section.

    4- You have almost 20 separate Java scripts files on the page. Think of theses as tiny programs that you are asking every visitor to download. Downloading 20 separate scripts causes a delay because for the most part, when a browser encounters a script, it stops downloading the rest of the page until the script is executed. – if you want even more performance gain, eliminate all the js files you don’t need, then combine the ones you have left, then add all of them to the footer of the page. That way, the page will load everything, and then the browser will worry about js when the visitor is busy enjoying your content.

    Hope this helps.

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    tnx, yes!
    GTmetrix says web page is loaded in 3.7s but when i test by my own on different systems, it takes up to 1 minute!!! so it seems that those sites are not working properly or idk!!


    Gtmetrix is actually correct. Your page loads in about 4 seconds for me.

    Try clearing local cache in your browser.

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    1- yes, i have a redirect and it affects speed but noway to take that away!
    2- how can I decrease the number of requests?
    3- Good Point, I’ll fix that one, tnx for mention that
    4- i have many js files bcz of i have many plugins, how can I fix that problem?


    1- Noted on the redirect

    2- You reduce the number of requests by reducing the number of times on a page ( 1 image file = 1 request / 1 font file = 1 request / 1 CSS file =1 Request) So, try to reduce the things you don’t really need and combine the rest into as few items as you can.

    3- You’re Welcome.

    4- Start with removing any plugins you don’t really need. After that you can try to remove any layout js or replace the ones you can with CSS layout instead, Like CSS menus…etc
    After that you will have fewer js files and then you can just inline them in HTML instead of having them as separate files.

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    2- got it
    4- i’m good at css and html, but when it comes to js, i blow up! in the theme i’ve tried to minimize the use of JS but plugin makers don’t think as me!!
    anyway, thanks U for useful replies 🙂

    You’re Welcome and good luck

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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