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  • I have a site that gets about 1000 posts a day that I have to view to approve.

    The front runs smooth and fine because of the cache plugin that I run, the problem is in the admin

    I only show posts 5 at a time from the pending

    Now I get either the white screen or the error moving trash when I am only trying to delete 5

    I get the white screen when I go to publish a post and it does not publish

    Currently I can delete about 3 at a time

    I have all of the plugins up to date

    I optimize the database and clear the ping log after about 100 posts being deleted or published when that works.

    I have the site on a VPS and have recently upgraded the memory

    If WP is meant to be able to run large sites much larger than mine – How to they do it and how can I do it?

    Any help or suggestions GREATLY appreciated! 😀

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  • So 1.44 posts per minute without sleep?

    I’m assuming that it’s a classified ad site as i can’t get my head around why any website would receive 1000 “posts” a day. Can we see a link to this thing?

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    Do you mean, perhaps, comments and not posts?

    To start with, get some caching in there. W3TC or WP Super Cache. Get your VPS doing some caching, APC or eAccellerator. Tweak the httpd.conf file.

    And … generally we don’t approve every post. We let trusted people post at will.

    I think, not just a pair, but a triage of similar responses note how unlikley this OP is.

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    The site is an article directory – been around for about a year and only in the past few months this has started to happen – I guess as people (or article automation software) found it!

    I stopped submissions mid nov to clear the backlog of 58000 (Yes that is right) and finally got it done yesterday. Most were duplicates or in wrong cat or titles not in title case which is why there is only about 5000 actual articles. I had hoped that because no one could add for a month it would start off again slowly and I would have more time to find how to get it under control … but sadly no 🙁

    Posts are the issue – not comments – I got that one worked out with a series of plugins and spam checkers etc 😀

    Just been trying all of the delete and duplicate plugins – lots of the posts are duplicates (usually 2 at a time) or in the wrong cat etc – usual thing.

    I am going to run a plugin that will get rid of all of the sign ups without an article – but I need to get the posts under control at the mo.

    And of course being able to delete permanently and not have to go to trash first would be great – when you get so many a day you get into a “show no mercy” stage! There is a plugin that does allow delete permanently but not as a drop down option when viewing pending posts – only on each individual post itself

    So ANY help – suggestions on how to get this under control would be appreciated because it is happening right now and I am not making it up.

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    for anyone who has the same problem here are some things that helped to get it all under control and to stop it.

    Edit the wp-config so not have posts going through the trash – delete them permanantly

    Install a catcha
    Install Ban Hammer which will stop spammers from being able to register or post
    Install Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions will keep the revisions table clean
    Install Quick Cache will speed up the site
    Install User Spam Remover will allow you to easily remove any user with 0 posts – a set and forget.

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