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  • Hi
    I’ve been trying to improve the navigation of my golf travel magazine and I thought about using Archive template for posts.

    Is there anyway I can customise the archive template so that only the posts related to that page topic appear on the page.

    For example, on a page called Golf Resorts I only want posts about golf resorts to appear in that archive, and not every post on my site, which is what happens when I switch the page to archive now.

    Can I customise archive posts? Is this what is called using custom posts?

    Any help gratefully received.


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  • What you’re describing is exactly what categories are designed for — be consistent in categorizing some posts as “resorts” and others as “equipment” or whatever other categories you want to set up, and WordPress will automatically create those archives for you at (for example)

    THanks Amy

    I have already created a huge structure of categories by country/ geography because it’s a golf travel magazine.

    If I created new categories for say Resorts, Luxury, Links Golf etc, could I leave the geographical categories in place “behind the scenes” if you like,removed from the menu, and stick with the new specific categories?

    Would this impact on SEO/ navigation ease with Google and for my Sitemap etc?

    Plus, the reason I wanted to use the archive post was to make it easier to see all the articles/posts by text rather than them having a great big picture and a tag box and having to have everyone scroll down lots to see consecutive posts. With archive they all look neat and tidy on the one page.

    Does this make sense?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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