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    I just began the test and everything shows how what this plugin fits my needs.

    I find naturally several problems for which I am seeking for a solution, which seems not immediate this is the first.

    Into the output we find the icon at the exact place occupied into the text content written with the editor and I have not found a solution provided by the options offered by the plugin.

    If needed, for example, to display the icon at top above the header of the document (before a defined element).
    The unique place to do so seems to be to include the shortcode into the theme (or child theme) at the right place, (evident ?).
    This is a proposal : a parameter to specify the place of icon : before or after a defined element (this should be done into a “document.ready” of the script using some “data-” transmitted by the shortcode)

    Then we find that the options of the shortcode can be different for particular articles.
    A problem is how the default parameter (which doesn’t set the display of the icon), the “do_shortcode” to place inside the “content.php” for example, and optional parameters set (read later) into the article to replace the precedents.

    Best regards


    note : the documention does not tell at all about the subject of the position of the icon

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    The icon (or icon and text link) is placed wherever the shortcode is placed.
    If the desired position of the icon is outside of the content area, then, yes, the do_shortcode method would need to be utilized within the php files of the child theme as mentioned above.

    With the do_shortcode method there are placeholders that one can use to target specific elements as explained in the documentation:
    Here is a working demo using placeholders:


    Thanks for the quick answer.

    I understand well the principle :

    • For printing the whole article, must be outside the text into the sub-theme or theme code, if not it will be displayed above the first header under the title of the document.
    • in other places allow to print only some elements of the document which can be very useful

    Best regards


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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