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    My website’s WordPress theme uses the media ‘order’ feature as a central way my website works.

    The ‘order’ of images I upload is how my website knows which ones to use as the ‘cover’ image for my comics (i.e what is displayed on my home page), and then what order the pages of my comics are displayed in.

    I have recently upgraded to WordPress 3.5.1, and have just uploaded my first comic to my website using the new Media Manager. I noticed that there is no longer the ability to ‘order’ my images using this Media Manager (e.g. the old ‘sort ascending’/’sort descending’/’save changes’).

    Consequently all of the pages for the latest comic I uploaded are out of order, and the cover image is right in the middle of the comic.

    Can someone please instruct me how to manually specify the order of the media which I have uploaded for this new post. It is a shame that the ‘order’ feature is no longer modifiable in the new Media Manager.

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  • There are well known and well published issues with the current ML and non-supporting themes/plugins…as is always advised, to test core functionality, switch to default theme with no activated plugins…

    I’m not sure if that exactly solves my problem.

    If I change my WordPress theme, I believe I will still not be able to specify the ‘order’ of media, even if another theme is activated, correct? Is it true that this functionality has been removed from 3.5.x, with the new Media Manager?

    My website seems to still be remembering/utilising the ‘order’ of media uploaded for old posts, as those images are still in the correct sequence. Therefore I am hoping for a way to manually specify the ‘order’ of the images I uploaded after upgrading to 3.5.1

    Please advise a way to manually specify an ‘order’ attribute for these images. Or otherwise, how to downgrade from 3.5.1 to 3.4.x.

    For the record, I found a solution to this.

    Previously I was trying to change the order of images by, inside the ‘Edit post’ window of WordPress, clicking on ‘Add Media’, then trying to change the ‘order’ of a media item by specifying a number in a text box (as with old versions).

    I realised I needed to click the drop-down menu, and then choose ‘Uploaded to this post’.

    From that point onwards, I was able to drag and drop the images in the correct ‘order’ which they would appear when displayed as a comic on my website.

    (I also think that the PC I was using yesterday did not support the ‘drag and drop’ functionality. I am using a different PC today.)

    Thanks for coming and posting up the solution – I was wondering exactly the same.

    Yes, perhaps this needs to be made more obvious to users.

    Thanks – this just helped me as well!

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