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  • According to gtmetrix, my site is slow because my images don’t have height/width specifications (among other things).
    I’m trying to fix this issue, but can’t seem to figure it out. Most of the images listed are my featured images.

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  • No one?

    Hey Mutrux

    It’s a tough one and I don’t know why it’s telling you to size them. Generally I would size the images outside of the webpage in an editor then upload them to the site so they fit perfectly.

    Maybe I’ve lost it but I was always told that if you load an image that you have to shrink, the browser still loaded the full size image then had to shrink it which is time/resource consuming.

    The flip side is if it’s too small then the image would get distorted when sized up

    I would always take some of these sites with a pinch of salt. I ran your site through another site and it didn’t pick up on images but did comment on the amount of http requests required to load the site.

    Thanks for stopping in cyoun75.

    I size all my images to fit the featured image size, so there shouldn’t be any issues with the browser shrinking the images.

    Plus, all of my images are hosted off-site.

    Just trying to speed things up. Which site did you run it through?

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    Do you think hosting them offsite is causing problems? It’s not something I’ve worked with before

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    @mutrux, is the issue specifically that you don’t have the HTML “height” and “width” attributes on your images?

    @andrew Nevins, yes. I believe so.

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    Are you using this theme ?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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