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  • Resolved simenschi


    Hi! I’m planning to back up all my sites to my dropbox, and some of my sites backs up fine to dropbox, while some gets this error:

    [26-Jan-2014 09:15:00] 1. Try to send backup file to Dropbox …
    [26-Jan-2014 09:15:01] Authenticated with Dropbox of user MY USER (MY@USER.COM)
    [26-Jan-2014 09:15:01] Uploading to Dropbox …
    [26-Jan-2014 09:15:02] WARNING: (404) Path '/wordpress_backups/mysite' not found

    Which is really strange, since I’m using the exact same path and user on my other sites, which backs up perfectly. I’ve tried to delete the backup job, and create a fresh new one, with the same result.

    Any ideas what else I can try to resolve this? Is there any other log I can check?

    By the way, shouldn’t this warning be an error instead, since it doesn’t really back up anything when it occurs?

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    Hello, how das mysite looks like? If ther special chars in it ?

    That was actually it. I had a .com in the path (wordpress_backups/, which obviously some servers do not support(while some others does).

    Anyway, removing the dot did the trick! Thanks!

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