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    I started having a problem with my administration dashboard. Whenever I went in to edit a page on my site, the ADD IMAGE button wasn’t working. It wasn’t doing anything when clicked. This was making editing my website VERY difficult.

    So, I ran through the basic steps …
    1. Deactivated Plugins
    2. Updated WordPress
    3. Activated plugins 1 at a time…
    4. And I made sure the plugins were all updated …

    I found that my site worked fine with 20 of the 25 plugins. But, when I tried to activate ANY of the other 5 plugins, then the problem above started occurring again.

    I can probably replace 1 or 2 of the plugins, but the other 3 are very hard to replace. Is there a way to fix these plugins so there is no conflict?

    I see soooo many articles online about how to FIND a plugin conflict … and most people just tell you to DELETE the conflicting plugin. I’m looking for more of a fix. Something that will still allow the site to work with all of the plugins.

    Please let me know…

    Here are the problem plugins…
    — The Event Calendar
    — WordPress Mobile Pack
    — WordPress Related Posts
    — WP-Paginate
    — WTI Like Post

    And I think they may be conflicting with Advanced Custom Fields.

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  • esmi


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    This may not be a plugin specific issue but a site/memory one. Try checking your site’s error logs for memory error messages. Your hosts should be able to help you in accessing your site’s error logs.

    Had alot of errors like…

    [16-May-2013 00:00:40 UTC] PHP Warning: require_once(): Unable to allocate memory for pool. in /home/thewebsitename/public/wp-admin/includes/admin.php on line 29

    I bumped up the memory for PHP to 384M per instance … which is 3x the amount. However, that didn’t seem to help. Still having a problem.

    I managed to find a temporary solution.

    The problem was happening only when I edited a few pages of my website… The problem wasn’t just the ADD IMAGE button. The menu’s also weren’t expanding, nor was the SCREEN OPTIONS expanding.

    So, the problem seemed to be that the page wasn’t loading everything. It was probably not fully loading some javascript files that ran on the page. This could be do to the over 20 plugins that were running.

    So, I downloaded the plugin called “Plugin Organizer”. Just installing and activating the plugin wont be enough – the plugin needs to be configured correctly. The plugin doesn’t provide any great instructions, so I had to play around with it a bit. The plugin lets you disable/enable plugins on certain pages of your site. So, if you have a page that runs a calendar plugin, then you can disable the plugin all over the site and enable it on a single page. Or, in my case, you can disable a bunch of plugins on a certain page.

    So, once the plugin was activated, I went to the subnavigation “URL Admin” under “Plugin Organizer”. I then added the url for the admin page that I was editing (for example:, and then checked all of the plugins I wanted to “disable” on that page.

    While this solution works. It is still a work-around, and not a direct solution. I still see this issue as something that may occur again at a later date (as the site grows, and more plugins possibly get added).

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