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  • I downloaded a theme and I am working on redesigning it, but a sidebar seems to be way too complicated. I only want to have one sidebar for all pages (index, single post, category, page etc), and have a search field, some widgets (like ultimate follow me plugin, and enhanced categories), and adds (that I am gonna be adding by myslef with a HTML and JavaScript code)

    I am not sure how to simplify the code, and there is no info about it included in the theme (at least would I be looking for the code elements in functions.php, and then changing them? etc). The sidebar has like 3 sub-sidebars or something like that, there is some mess because of that in the CSS also… (I just want to make it as simple as I can but there are functions and loops specific to this particular theme etc, and I am not sure how to get rid of it)

    Here is the code:

    This is the theme that I am using:

    Thank you in advance for any info.

    # # # #

    I am thinking in a direction of something more like this only (code probably not correct):

    <div id=”sidebar”>

      <?php if (is_active_sidebar()) {
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  • Thats from functions.php

    function webfish_angler_widgetInit(){
    	 * Register sidebars
    	 * If the sidebar should be beside the content, use this naming pattern
    	 * sidebar[1-9](-(index|frontpage|page|single))?
    	 * If you use more than one sidebar you must have a number 1-9
    	 * If you want a different sidebar on, say single, you have to specify that with a tailoring -single
    	 * See prioritation in sidebar.php
    	 * name=>description
    	"sidebar"=>__("Just a simple sidebar", 'webfish_theme_angler'),
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