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    What does this sidebar tile do?

    Explanation 1: This plugin will be useful to any WordPress user who prefers to manage customizable sidebar text (e.g. “about me”) from WordPress rather than from an HTML editor.

    Explanation 2: Using sidebar tile plugin, you can enter and edit text to appear in your sidebar without having to open sidebar.php Instead of typing and editing text in the sidebar.php, you
    type and edit some text in the Sidebar page (which you create and entitle “Sidebar”especially to enable the plugin to do its task).

    Explanation 3: The plugin lets you create a static page to manage content that goes into your sidebar. To use it, create a static page called sidebar.
    Then, insert the_sidebar_tile(); into your sidebar.php file where you want this page’s contents to get displayed.

    Explanation 4: The plugin lets you manage an area of your sidebar using WordPress’ static page editor. To use it, create a static page called sidebar. This static page’s contents (i.e. what you wrote in the WP editor) will display wherever you call the_sidebar_tile();.

    See Sidebar tile in action

    This example has been posted by Jim (jwurster,member). The text example is an announcement in top right sidebar, “Moving stuff to another blog”.

    and a temporary example
    The text example is the “OK, kids …”

    First, read the instructions by Denis

    1. Activate the plugin
    2. Create a page titled ‘Sidebar’
    3. Add <?php the_sidebar_tile(); ?> somewhere in your sidebar
    4. Open Sidebar page, and type in some text eg “testing this sidebar tile plugin”

    After doing these steps, what will I see?
    You will see in the sidebar (in the corresponging position where you placed the snippet <?php the_sidebar_tile(); ?> in your sidebar.php) the same text “testing this sidebar tile plugin”
    And … beneath this text, a link “edit sidebar text”.

    Tip: a good place to put the snippet
    Towards the beginning of your sidebar.php file, immediately after:
    <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH.'/searchform.php'); ?>
    Paste the following:
    <?php the_sidebar_tile(); ?>

    Tip: some themes(eg kubrick) will require you to use:
    <li><?php the_sidebar_tile(); ?></li>
    INSTEAD OF <?php the_sidebar_tile(); ?>


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