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    There is probably a simple solution to this that I’m missing, but I’ve been searching all week for the answer. Apologies in advance if there’s a posted answer out there somewhere.

    I have a custom post called Publications that is connected to a custom taxonomy called Publication Type. I also connected Publications to tags and categories and selected the option to show Publications in the tag and category archive pages.

    For any Publication, I can list the tags and link to the archive page for that tag, which allows me to see all content associated with that tag. I want to do the same thing with my custom taxonomy, Publication Type. In other words, for the publication type, I want to add a link with the resulting page showing all Publications assigned that Publication Type. Is there a way to do this?

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    In PHP, use wp_get_object_terms() to get the WP_Term objects, which include labels as $term->name, and get_term_link() to get the archive link for the term.

    In a Pods template looping over Publications, the [each] template tag can iterate over the taxonomy:

    [each publication_type]
    <a href="{@permalink}">{@name}</a>
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    Thank you so much! This worked great!

    Following up, the search results page seems to include an empty section, or more specifically, all the div elements but without any publication content. Here is an example: https://www.qturngroup.com/publication-type/white-paper/

    I’m not sure how to remove it. Maybe with display: none added to the first .pub_grid_item, but that would require every search page to have the same empty section (which appears to be the case). Do you happen to know why I might be seeing this?

    Thanks again!

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    Please disregard my last comment. I think I figured it out. Thank you again for your help!

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