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    I have a community online drawing site, and i’d like to feature the latest wordpress post on the main page outside of wordpress. What’s the best way of going about this?

    I would be showing the the post in a fixed table on the other page, also curious about how it will format or fit in. If anyone has a page where this is already happening, i’d love to see the link to check it out. Thanks in advance.

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  • [Edited as I misread the OP’s question. My apologies]

    It looks like that is your weblog itself though, right? I’m looking to feature the last post on a separate PHP page outside of wordpress.

    sorry, I guess I didn’t make that clear (i edited the post to be more clear, my fault) – I mean to say, I have a website that isn’t weblog based and i’d like to be able to show the latest post on the main page of my site.

    If the blog is located on the same server, then you can
    This will allow you to use the standard WP functions.

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    Aha! This was just what I was looking for! Thanks, ifelse.

    For others who may have been banging their head on the monitor, what I did was stick that include line in my site’s index page, then I went into the /wp-admin/index.php page and found the dashboard sidebar bits. I pasted that in my new site index page where I wanted, and tweaked out things I didn’t need, like the “edit” links.

    Now I have to figure out how to change the “Latest Posts” links to the actual post itself (or just the blog address) and not the post-edit section. I also have to add a few more bits, like the Pages list, and links to some of the more popular categories and a Flickr stream.

    And yes, I know the styling is awful, and the CSS is worse. I’m working on it because I’ve since learned how to do it *right*. or at least better. 😉

    This is a very handy thing to have for an index page or site-portal type thingy, as I do have some visitors coming in through the main site index and not the blog index, which is what everyone else has linked to.

    The more I learn what I can do with WP the more I love.



    I tried the same thing and all I get is a blank page :S



    You can also use CG-Feedread and you don’t even have to be on the same site.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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