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  • I found that even with full content option set, only the first page is displayed in RSS feeds. The remaining pages are not shown. Neither is any indication shown that there is additional content.

    Are there any fix, workarounds, anything at all ?

    Thanks in anticipation.

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  • Anyone?

    First page as in a post with <!--nextpage--> in use?

    It wouldn’t be shown probably because it is considered by WordPress to actually “be” on another page.

    But we just need to understand more about what you are asking.

    Yes. Single post separated by nextpage comment to give semblance of multiple pages to end-user.

    What do you mean by – “it is considered by WordPress to actually “be” on another page.” ?

    Are you saying there is an entry in the post table per “page”? How does wp join them?

    Perhaps a variation of the same question. I have about 30 posts in the blog. I think a search enginepicked up the rss feed but since only the last ten items are shown in RSS those are the only items that appear when searched for specific word phrases. How to get the other 20 to be included?

    Anyone else?
    I noticed the forum gets strangely silent on tough questions 🙁

    Maybe not strangely silent, just quitely thinking. I’m sure the solution is out there.

    To further clarify my questions what I am trying to know:
    1. How to get RSS feeds to display all the pages of a single post?
    2. The design rationale behind excluding non-first-page content from RSS feeds?

    Yeah too quiet, if I may say so 🙂
    I noticed really prolonged quietness (or thinking phase as you say) with my question on architecture before. In short I have seen the forum grow strangely quiet when some potential lacuna has a chance to get revealed by answering to a question.

    Note the handling of security defect fix in 1.5.1 version in earlier threads.

    BTW: Your question is different. You should just increase the amount displayed on RSS feeds. But frankly I don’t think any major search engines rely on RSS feeds to index posts. Just give it some time and I am sure it will pick up the rest. Use GoogleStats plugin to find out what google is indexing and how frequently on your site.

    @aijohn Have you yet noticed the pin-drop quietness of thinking?

    Trust me it will be eternal.

    The forum’s silence can be deafening at times when the question is tough 🙂

    Anyone on this forum with any idea about why pages don’t show up in the feeds and how to rectify them?

    In WP the posts are stored with the <!–nextpage–> tag within the content. When you grab a post, WP runs all the filters on it and then displays the post.

    To get the “paging” capability, your template usualyl calls the wp_link_pages() or link_pages() function to actually show the numbers. This is not a filter, but a sperate call that is made.

    When you look at the RSS feed, it just calls the function to fetch the content which runs the filters and you’re done.

    To get the WHOLE post to show up including all pages, a new filter would have to be created that only get executed during RSS fetches and will basically return the entire post.

    I think WP needs to cater to this need. I would suggest going into the bug database at and putting in a bug if one doesn’t already exist.


    Thanks Cypher.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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