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  • Hi, I am using WooCommerce, and created a coupon.

    When I use the coupon, and pay through Paypal, the payment confirmation email from Paypal shows the total less than the subtotal and nothing about a coupon being applied. I’m not using any payment plugins to supplement WooCommerce. Any ideas how to figure out where the problem is?


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  • Update: I fixed some credientials for a paid shipping plugin I’m using. Not sure how that ties in, but after the fix, I noticed Paypal did have a discount line. However, the subtotal is still wrong. Like this:

    Product 1 $10
    Product 2 $10
    Subtotal $15 (should be $20)
    Discount $5
    Total $15

    The subtotal is incorrect. What in the world is up with that?

    I’m also having a similar issue – the paypal receipt shows the original unit price and a deducted Total cost but the Discount line is -$0.00. If I go to PayPal and check the transaction, I can see the discount amount correctly – so it seems that the only issue is with the receipt not showing the discount amount.

    Is there a setting on PayPal to correct this?

    If it’s your PayPal receipt that’s not showing correctly, I would at least try to PayPal’s support and ask them what’s wrong.

    Thanks! I also sent my concern to paypal

    Sorry, forgot to note that I’m also thinking if this has something to do with the coupon type created on WooCommerce which applies the discount as Cart Discount.

    update – so I did sandbox testing with paypal and it looks like the issue is with paypal itself. I was able to pull up the receipt with all the correct information from “Print receipt” link on the paypal payment completion page.

    sadly, sandbox testing doesn’t send email notification receipt to the test buyer account so I wasn’t able to verify if the email receipt still shows a $0 amount on the discount line.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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