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    My website went offline immediately I moved from my former host, iFastnet to Bluehost. I paid the guys at BH to do the migration but they didn’t do a clean job, which eventually corrupted the database somehow.

    Ever since then, the site will be available now and few milliseconds again, you won’t see it online again.

    I’ve called BlueHost on this, they said it is not part of their Migration which is totally bad, they didn’t deliver the order at all.

    Likewise the guys at MAXCDN have done their part by installing CDN to boost the site but still nothing seems to work. But they referred me here in which I did and I started applying few recommendations to some images on the site.

    But when it comes to Defer parsing of JavaScript, Specify a character set early, Leverage browser caching, Avoid a character set in the meta tag, Remove query strings from static resources, Serve resources from a consistent URL, and Optimize images; I found myself in a big mess. I cannot do anything to reverse the incident.

    Can somebody come to my help?

    Thank you very much.

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  • Hi Coolcash,

    May I ask how long ago it is you had the website migrated?

    Going to three days now.

    Hi Coolcash sorry about the late reply.

    Is your website working now? i was thinking maybe it is a DNS propagation issue. if your still experiencing issues it is probably not a DNS issue as a DNS issue would resolve itself over time.

    I would check my wp-config.php file and make sure im connecting to the correct database host and the correct database.

    Other than im not sure, sorry. Hope your host can help.

    I have restored the site back to the former host. It seems BLUEHOST suck with websites that has lots of files. They promised what they couldn’t deliver.

    Thanks Julian 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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