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  • I have search Google and the forum but only found directions from several years ago which said to “turn comments on” in Settings – Discussion – Default Article. I don’t see such an option.

    I want members of our group to be able to share recipes. I am the only one authorized to make posts. Others will be doing it through comments. I am open to suggestions as to how to make the recipes/comments more visible, but it looks like many blogs successfully just show the comments after posts.

    Thank you for your help. I did find one set of pretty complex coding to put somewhere, but it was not on an actual wordpress site so I am a little leery of using that.

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  • Michael


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    check the settings in ‘admin’ ‘settings’ ‘discussion’ :

    ‘[]Break comments into pages with [] top level comments per page and the [] page displayed by default ‘

    also make sure comments are allowed for each post; and choose the level of threaded comments.

    most themes show the comments below posts on the single post page.

    if you give more details about your idea of showing commments, maybe someone can suggest a way how to turn this into wordpress coding;
    the name of your theme and a link to your site would be helpful, then.

    Thank you, but the Break comments was not checked. I did find the link to the comments page for the first time, and that is a nice feature and I can tell my members to check there (and I’ll be careful to title my posts by the main vegetable for the recipes), but I would still like to have the comments show below each post. My website is . I am using “Misty Look” for the theme.

    Again, thank you.

    I have used computers since the early 70s (punch card days), Fortran, etc, so can do some coding if needed. I just haven’t kept up the last 7 years. Straight html I was good at. The newer (and the file organization with it) I haven’t had occasion to learn.

    If I do understand, you want in your home page or any lists of posts that the comments appear below each post, is that right?

    If it is so, I advise you not to. You may have few comments now, but imagine the acces and commenting growing, it would be a pain in the neck to read. I have a site that sometimes has 300+ comments. Imagine that.

    And besides that, blogs like wordpress ones are intended to behave this way, people are used to it. You see a list of posts, you read the one you like, and you go to the single post page to comment.

    But, if you would like to do it anyways, and since you have some background in coding, check out the single.php file in your theme. The files are usually well commented, so you will find the comments sections quite easily. Copy the comments section to the loop, where WordPress iterates through the posts. Make a copy of your blog for testing purposes, so you don’t mess the live one up.

    You might also want to check the codex pages, like this one:

    Good luck! 😀

    Bspaugh – I also would like the comments to be visible under my post for similar reasons. I am new to all this and cannot do any coding myself. Did you find an easy work around that others could follow? Thanks.

    Hi, I also am semi-new to this and have searched for hours to try to fix the comments below my post. I have tried coding as prescribed by many members, but it is not working in my index.php Can someone please help me?! my url is and I can find my index.php and tried to change the code above the endwhile wording as well as changing comments to $comments….. Anyways, I think that the theme I’m using is not applicable to the other themes (TwentyTen). Also, I should be in the editor section with index.php selected, right?

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