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    I had asked this in the Plugins area and no one has responded. I am trying to have the CONTENT of a daily “Confession of the Day” post appear in the sidebar widget so that it is visible regardless of what page someone is one.

    At first I thought the “Featured Content” Widget would do this, but I’m having no luck. I don’t want to “slide” a gallery of photos, but I’d like to have the text content.

    “Featured Post” seems to force a specific post to appear, rather than allow the content to change daily.

    I tried setting up the Featured Content widget, to include latest posts and only choose “1” post, include the Category I want it choosing from “4” (the ID number of the category I want it taking the last post from), etc.

    All that appears is a blank white widget box.

    If this is what I should use, can someone steer me correctly? If there’s a better plugin or widget to do what I’m trying to do can someone let me know?

    I see sidebars with snippets of text from posts all the time – how is this done?

    When I search for “snippets” I get a bunch of stuff having to do with code snippets.

    Please can someone point me to how to do this or a plugin I should use?

    Thanks so much!

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  • The documentation of the ‘Featured Content’ plugin states that it creates a Custom Post Type. Did you add new posts of this type with the correct category?

    I’m sorry, from what I’m seeing this plugin does, it doesn’t display the content of a post in a sidebar. It displays LINKS and/or photos. If someone clicks on a link, it will either open a modal window on top of your screen, or it will take you to the post page.

    I have a category called “Confession of the Day” which changes daily and that is what I’d like to feature in the sidebar. I’d like people to be able to see it fully displayed (the text), not just see the link to it.

    I see sites all the time that seem to have excerpts of text from posts but I can’t seem to find how or what people are using to do this. The search of Plugins pulls up over 1,000 choices but all seem to mostly have to do with sliding photos.

    I’m not sure if I’m just using the wrong terminology to search. LOL!

    I’m open to any and all suggestions, presuming that it will turn out to be something really simple and I’m just not seeing it!


    That plugin will let you show excerpts of the custom posts, with the title as a link to the full post.

    I just added it and (as with all the others) it does not display anything other than the title I’m typing in. There seems to be no support at its site (the last response there was in Feb) and no instructions on how to do this.

    Here’s a screen shot of how I have it set up in the widget area and the page you are on, you can see in the sidebar only the title showing.

    Thanks so much for your help! This is driving me crazy! LOL!

    Go to Admin->Features->Add New and create a new Feature. It should then show up in the widget.

    I’m sorry to be so dense, but if you mean the Admin in the plugin, and I create something new also called “Confession of the Day”, it has a window (like a post window) for content to be added (typed). I don’t see anywhere that this will pull from my existing “Confession of the Day” posts. It looks like I’m creating all new content.

    If I try and make this now become where I’m actually posting the daily content, then aren’t I losing the archive process and I’ll have a ton of “Confession of the Day”s that all have the same title?

    Or am I having to also update this area every day with new content? if so then doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

    Thank you so much for trying to help an apparently clueless newbie!

    Sorry, but that plugin requires its own ‘posts’. It will not pull from normal posts. You are creating all new content.

    I will try to find a better solution.

    You are SO kind to try and help me.

    I thought for certain this one would work: ZK Advanced Feature Post

    Its menu actually shows all my existing categories for me to choose from, allows me to choose “excerpt”, how many to show, etc. But when I save it still shows nothing and I just don’t get it!

    Try this:

    • Install and activate ZK Advanced Feature Post (if not already done)
    • Go to Admin->Plugins->Editor
    • Select ‘ZK Ad…’ in the dropdown on the right
    • Click Select
    • Make the change below
    • Click ‘Update’

    Change this:

    if ( $options['cat'] ) {
    		$zkafp_query = array(
    			'cat' => $options['cat'],
    			'post__in' => explode(',',$zkafp_opts['featured_cat']),
    	} else {

    to this:

    if ( $options['cat'] ) {
    		$zkafp_query = array(
    			'cat' => $options['cat'],
    			//'post__in' => explode(',',$zkafp_opts['featured_cat']),
    	} else {

    Hey! We’re getting there!!!!!

    The excerpt appears, but it now also shows what looks like a huge area where it thinks a thumbnail should be.

    If we can get rid of that and the “readmore…” line of copy we’re golden!!!!

    Do I dare ask why just adding 2 slashes made this magically appear? I would have never been able to figure this out on my own! You truly are so kind to help me!

    The two slashes commented out that line. That line in effect said ‘include only posts with an ID in this empty list`. Since there were no IDs in the list, no posts were shown.

    Add these two lines to the end of style.css in your theme:

    li.exceprt img {display: none; }
    li.exceprt div.readmore {display: none; }

    What a wonderful gift! Thank you for your time and effort. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are truly blessed.

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