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  • I am attempting to share the embed code for a Blubrry player on a WordPress website that I admin for a friend. I have gone to my account dashboard and clicked on “Connect / Blubrry Player.” I have copied the embed code for one of the players and am now trying to display that code on my website for others to be able to copy and embed the code on their site. I am aware that I need to use some sort of plain text display box to put the embed code in. I have attempted the following three methods.

    1. I saved the page that displays my player embed code as an html doc, then opened it in an html editor, located the section displaying the embed code and the code immediately before and after (the part that creates the display box) and copied that into a page on my website. (can be viewed as the first of two embed codes on this page

    2. I followed the instructions found here – It produced a text box, but in one place in the code it changes a quote mark to an apostrophe and adds a space after it. (can be viewed as the second of two embed codes on this page

    3. I used this WordPress plugin – (can be viewed on this page

    Each of these methods produces a display box with the embed code inside it, but when I copy the code and paste it into another website, it fails. In some cases it produces an image that just doesn’t do anything when you click on it and in other cases it shows the word “blubrry” as a text link that directs you to the same URL as the page it is displayed on plus “#” at the end of the address resulting in a 404 error message.

    The only thing I have changed is that I have removed the Blubrry player graphic and substituted the URL to my own player image, but the resultant code does work. I have saved that code in an OpenOffice document and can copy and paste it into a web page and it produces a working player, but when I have placed the same code into the three examples given above, then copied that code from those pages and embed into another site, it fails. It’s the same code, but it doesn’t work.

    Been wrangling with this for over a dozen hours now and still no joy.

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