[resolved] How to set up wp-config with two usernames? (5 posts)

  1. kiwichick
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    I am setting up a joint blog with a colleague; we are wanting to be able to both add to and edit the blog. Do we set this up with two usernames in wp-config (and if so, how do I do this because the documentation only covers using one), or do we set it up with one initially and then somewhere later we add another user/author with all privileges? I have already set up the database with two usernames and all privileges assigned to each.


  2. nabtron
    Posted 5 years ago #

    no need to make any changes to wp-config

    then what to do?

    1. login to the wp admin panel using the account that you already have

    2. goto: users and add new user

    3. add his details there and select the role "admin" instead of subscriber

    and voila!

    i hope it helped! .

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  4. kiwichick
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  5. nabtron
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    @kiwichick, you are welcome

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