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  • I’d like to install a wordpress network. There’s two subdomains which should run wordpress. Don’t care whether it’s installed on the main domain or not. Whatever is easier. The main domain will probably only hold one page with the top level navigation of both subdomains and some recent posts.

    Having the navigation on this page will be easy. I’m not sure how hard it would be to have some recent posts there.

    Have yet to set-up the complete installation, so any information/help would be appreciated!

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  • Sounds to me that you should install WP in domain root – – so that you subsites in subdomains e.g. and

    Check out WordPress codex – Create A Network

    Well if you want and and you have to install it in the root….

    Mercime (or anyone else). So I’d make two subdomains (using directadmin), after which I install WP on the main domain. The installation process will then let me install in on and, but will also install itself on

    This will make it possible to send info from and to Just want to make sure this would work. I’m pretty good with PHP, but have yet to make my first wp site.

    No, you’d make one install and no subdomains. You;d set up a wildcard subdomain record.

    Everything is in the link above.

    To put it as simply as possible, all that you want can be done in one installation of WP at at domain root, e.g. providing your server setup meets the requirements for additional sites in subdomain structure. After you set up WP in domain root, you can create the subdomain sites from the backend of your WP install in root. And yes, you can get the posts from the two subdomains into your main installation.

    So if you haven’t done it yet, ask your webhosting service, if you have one, if your hosting meets requirements for subdomain structure in link given. If not, then you will only be able to create subdirectory sites from the main installation.

    Ok, so I just found out that I can’t use the subdomain installation. I can however set subdomains on my server. So now I’m curious if there’s a way to “fake” subdomains instead of having to use subdirctories, which I’d rather not use.

    Make the subdomains on your server, but point them to the wordpress folder, not their own.

    Andrea, I’m REALLY happy that this could work, but I’m afraid that I’ll need a bit more information. Googled around a bit on “wordpress faking subdomains”, but no luck…

    Well it’s not a wordpress issue is why.

    I can however set subdomains on my server

    Go do that.

    In whateve rcontrol panel you are usng to do that, if you can tell it where the subdomain folder is on the server – GREAT! tell it is it the SAME folder as your main site. Not a new folder.

    If you can’t – you cannot use subdomains.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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