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    I finally succeeded to install my network to my wordpress.
    Now I´ll have to start managing my sites and i just wonder if anyone knows a site or helpdocument that ina easy way explains the best way to set it all up.
    I have where i want to set up a number of three or four blogs for a start.
    In wordpress there are pages and posts and now with the new network dashboard i can see My Sites.
    So how am i supposed to do to add as many as four blogs to my
    Do I set the blogs up as posts, pages or sites?

    Any good page or documentation on setup for this?

    Thanks for all amazing help one can get here!!

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  • In your top menu, you should see “my sites > network admin > dashboard”
    Check your network settings and setup first, then go to “sites > add new”

    If you need 4 similar sites, you may want to download a plugin to copy the settings from one site to an other, or to make a copy of your first blog.
    I use but it’s difficult, you need to know what y’re doing… That’s still a problem here 🙂

    I’ll probably look for an alternative myself.

    So when you say four similair sites you´re talking about the blogs.
    If you have a look at the webpage you´ll get an idea about what i want, in the menu above you see “mirakelmorsan”, “feministmorsan” and “DIY-Mum” – those are the different blogs and i want each one of them to open in the same window ofcourse as a natural part of the homepage.

    When i create four similair sites, can i still change header different in each one of them?

    I am now using a design template and hope to do that since im not good in coding. My idea is to change in the design.

    If we compare this network way of doing a homepage with a “normal one”, then is every site a new “page” in the menu.
    Or are just the sites for seting up blogs?
    If i want a contact page or whatever, do i then make a page?

    Having a hard time understanding pages, posts and sites and how to work them…

    That’s possible indeed. You can use the same theme with the this plugin:

    It makes it possible to choose a different image for every page, or to pick one randomly.
    After installing, you’ll need to add some code to header.php, after which you probably will have 2 headers, one above the other. You’ll need to delete the current one. It may take a little search to determine what part of the code should be removed.

    For a contact page, you idd make a page. The functionality of your main site is still the same as any other wp site.

    (and yes, I say site, it should be blog, I think:)

    Well before adding contact pages or what ever it might be i´d like to arrange the base for the whole page (that is with the blogs, or sites, and everything). Can´t i do that directly in wordpress, as easy as i did it normally, without using the ftp? (I´m supposed to be able to do that ain´t i?).

    Since I´m really new at this, i think the best thing is to make it as ease as possible.

    I tried to make a few new sites and the show up but i cant see them online..?

    I see now that i received two e-mails per new site including this message:
    Your new bloggmorsorna site has been successfully set up at:
    Going there it says “webpage can not be found”

    Should I have something called superadmin? (i don´t)

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    So how am i supposed to do to add as many as four blogs to my
    Do I set the blogs up as posts, pages or sites?

    Blogs == Sites. So you create them as SITES.

    If you already created posts or pages with the SAME NAME, you must delete them and flush the trash for the main wordpress install, or it’ll stay broken 🙂

    If you want multiple identical sites, however, you may not need Multisite at all. Why do you want them to be separate sites?

    My god! 🙂 (don´t say i´ve done this in vain :), i got told i need to do it that way if i want multiple blogs on one site (
    I want four blogs on one site, so i need the different sites to be blogs (new posts, with tags, there own “address” such as, and (i need the blogs to have they´re own address like that to be able to see visits on each and every blog since there will be different authors.) I will only write one of them myself.

    I don´t want the multiple site if not necessary, i want it as simple as possible…

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    (i need the blogs to have they´re own address like that to be able to see visits on each and every blog since there will be different authors.)

    You’ll hate me. You don’t have to use Mutlsite for this.

    Any decent metrics plugin will tell you who visits what page. Read this:

    There are a lot of reasons to use Mutlsite, but make sure you’ve got the RIGHT ones before you get too deep in this. If you are 100% certain you need multiple blogs, then yes, you need Multisite ONLY IF you want the sites to share a DB and the user base.

    Mmmm… no i don´t hate you, in fact, if i can get around without using multisite, i might sleep better during night 🙂

    Yes, I want the site to feel at least 98% the same. I would like the blogs to have they´re own header though since we are four different mums blogging about life beeing a mum. This means the posts on the different blogs will be different ofcourse. They are all personal.

    Back to yesterday… i started to bulit the blogsite (webpage) as i wanted it but as far as i got told i could only have one site beeing an actual blog, with posts, tags, categories… If, as i wanted,wanting several blogs on the same site – i was told i had to use multisite.

    I want the other mums to be able to update they´re own blogs but i could just give them they´re own login and they´d write a new post in they´re personal blog..!?!!
    (That is IF I can set up 3 blogs on one site without multisite)..?

    Do I explain myself..?
    Do you think we can get around this?
    Could I go back to basics, arrange a “normal” webpage with wordpress using a template, making it my own, putting in more then one blog?? (that means posts i guess in wp-language?)

    Oh, and would prefere doing as much as possible directly in wordpress as me and the ftp-agent dosen´t cooperate very good 🙂

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    You COULD use Custom Post-Types for this. But there won’t be a huge benefit and, in the case of wanting to keep your mums out of each other’s hair, it’d probably be easier to do multisite.

    So okay. We looked, we thought, we’re goin with Multisite 🙂 is your main site.

    First make sure that you don’t have any PAGES set up with the same names as your blogs.

    Second, make sure the .htaccess was edited correctly. This one, you have to deal with FTP or some manner of file manager to edit. (By the way, you’re going to have to master file management. You really need it for Multisite.)

    Okey, so multisite it is!, and i´ll havce to learn the file management i suppose, uff!

    Well, i have deleted the pages that i had (since they had the same name as the sites)

    How can i know for sure that i installed the htaccess correctly, i think i did…

    So, regarding the sites, do i make a site for every “page” i want or only for the blogs? Do I use pages or sites for “pages” such as home and contact?

    Is there any step-by-step-guide on how to do this?
    I really counted on the templates 🙂
    Do I have to do the majority in ftp or just parts of it?
    Can I set up the base with all sites and pages (?) directly in wordpress and then make the “small” changes in ftp?

    Right now i feel more than confused understanding close to nothing or little.

    How do I make the pages, sites and posts connect with eachother?
    Can I do that directly in wordpress or i that an ftp-issue as well..?

    (Wondering what i gotten myself into…)

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