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    I am having a lot of trouble figuring this out. I am setting up a site that will basically just have posts that are submitted (like an application), then they will be reviewed and published.

    Right now I have some fields for the Title, Category, content, email, and a URL link. BUT I have to be very specific in the instructions on how to fill the form out in the content section so that it will display correctly when posted. I am not certain if those instructions will be followed well by users. Here is what I need:

    Name (Title of Post)
    Grade Level
    School Name
    School Street Address and Room #
    School City, State, and Zip
    School Telephone Number
    School email address (hyperlinked on post)
    Amazon wishlist (with the words Amazon Wishlist, but hyperlinked to the actual wishlist)

    Need on the form, but not displayed in post:
    Checkbox agreements (3 of them)
    URL for their school website

    I would prefer to have a field for each of those above in the form, but I couldn’t figure out how to (1) get them to display in the post and (2) not to diplay the label.

    Instead, I have to give specific instructions on how to use the content editor to create the hyperlinks for the email and Amazon wishlist.

    How would I do it through the form alone without them having to format?


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    Hi @kallard,

    You can do it with this extension: wordpress.org/plugins/buddyforms-hook-fields/

    I hope this answer helps you. Please let me know if you have any questions left. I like to help. Most responsive support is if you write to support@buddyforems.com


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