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  • I’ve already tried hard to set up Paypal on Woocommerce without success.

    I wonder what is the actual steps used to set up paypal on woocommerce?

    My problems are:
    1) I tested it with my sandbox but, after payment, it doesn’t redirect back from paypal to my website. (I’ve already had business Paypal account and the redirect url on Paypal is already set)

    2) The order status after check out is still ‘pending'(unpaid).
    It doesn’t automatically change the status after check out.
    I’ve no idea how to make it work?

    3) What the difference between ‘PayPal Email’ and ‘Receiver Email’ in payment gateway setting?

    4) Do I have to do anything to make IPN work?

    5) No notification email sent to shop owner…

    NOTE: On my status page -> wp_remote_post() was successful – PayPal IPN is working.

    Thanks in advance for any helps!

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  • Screenshot

    Above is the screenshot after the payment is made.
    It’s not automatically returned to the website.
    The user has to click the link itself in order to get back to the site.

    I’ve finally made it to automatically redirect back to my website.

    However, the order status is still unchanged and it’s still ‘pending’.

    hi. I’m also struggling to get paypal working in wooCommerce. Any good tutorials that helped you out?

    hello, i’m also interested in know the solution this issue

    what did you do to automagically redirect the customer back to the site (without them having to click on the link in your screenshot)?

    Have you set up IPN in your PayPal account?

    @sjourney – You must have business paypal account (it’s free to upgrade). Then, follow these steps

    @wwh – No solution just yet. I’m still facing order with ‘Pending’ status.

    Does anyone know how to make the status to be ‘processed’ or ‘completed’ after successful payment? Team

    Do you mean by the menu ‘Instant Payment Notification (IPN)’?

    If yes, I’ve tried both set and not set it up.
    Anyway, I’m not sure if I set it up correctly.

    What is the correct notification URL for setting IPN on Paypal?

    Is it

    Here is my IPN log

    04-21-2013 @ 11:34:32 - Generating payment form for order #1599. Notify URL:
    04-21-2013 @ 11:34:57 - Checking IPN response is valid...
    04-21-2013 @ 11:34:57 - IPN Request: Array
        [body] => Array
                [cmd] => _notify-validate
                [mc_gross] => 65.00
                [invoice] => SEO-1599
                [protection_eligibility] => Ineligible
                [item_number1] =>
                [payer_id] => DHNKCRBSKLP34
                [tax] => 0.00
                [payment_date] => 04:34:54 Apr 21, 2013 PDT
                [payment_status] => Pending
                [charset] => windows-1252
                [mc_shipping] => 0.00
                [mc_handling] => 0.00
                [first_name] => aonz
                [notify_version] => 3.7
                [custom] => a:2:{i:0;i:1599;i:1;s:19:"order_5173cd20e22c9";}
                [payer_status] => unverified
                [business] =>
                [num_cart_items] => 1
                [mc_handling1] => 0.00
                [verify_sign] => An5ns1Kso7MWUdW4ErQKJJJ4qi4-AiduoJHNlj-vWzwI1qeuQD4kqsxj
                [payer_email] =>
                [mc_shipping1] => 0.00
                [tax1] => 0.00
                [txn_id] => 90Y65431J2849625F
                [payment_type] => instant
                [last_name] => buyer
                [item_name1] => Real Visitor Traffic for One Month Campaign
                [receiver_email] =>
                [quantity1] => 1
                [pending_reason] => unilateral
                [txn_type] => cart
                [mc_gross_1] => 65.00
                [mc_currency] => USD
                [residence_country] => US
                [test_ipn] => 1
                [transaction_subject] => a:2:{i:0;i:1599;i:1;s:19:"order_5173cd20e22c9";}
                [payment_gross] => 65.00
                [ipn_track_id] => 30ecf0a5cab3a
        [sslverify] =>
        [timeout] => 60
        [user-agent] => WooCommerce/2.0.5
    04-21-2013 @ 11:34:58 - IPN Response: Array
        [headers] => Array
                [date] => Sun, 21 Apr 2013 11:34:58 GMT
                [server] => Apache
                [x-frame-options] => SAMEORIGIN
                [set-cookie] => Array
                        [0] => c9MWDuvPtT9GIMyPc3jwol1VSlO=6IG3FgE2O1X82BuatDz5EdNRbN22W21E0lGkX_OGwsxbQVU35t1ccGdsFAc0o7ZJJYoXNHaoEpJJkpnuWhWa3EAgGaOjnI-Mra-t2aa5ZFcitMyogdkHW99KZv-Cr_y_tt8M_m%7c6I9xY_3PcYzOD9Ax8bjUl0b73rRo0BaAl5a2F7rAYdlHahwWc71UoRXs5JO8pbGldcplQm%7ciA4KGy8_6i_Fe9nnEjsDD2z47DiEUf1BrUjwfQlRla0z_9CyutGSnOtbQBRLpf7QzYoQGm%7c1366544098;; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
                        [1] => cookie_check=yes; expires=Wed, 19-Apr-2023 11:34:58 GMT;; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
                        [2] => navcmd=_notify-validate;; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
                        [3] => navlns=0.0; expires=Sat, 16-Apr-2033 11:34:58 GMT;; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
                        [4] => Apache=; path=/; expires=Tue, 14-Apr-43 11:34:58 GMT
                [connection] => close
                [content-type] => text/html; charset=UTF-8
        [body] => VERIFIED
        [response] => Array
                [code] => 200
                [message] => OK
        [cookies] => Array
                [0] => WP_Http_Cookie Object
                        [name] => c9MWDuvPtT9GIMyPc3jwol1VSlO
                        [value] => 6IG3FgE2O1X82BuatDz5EdNRbN22W21E0lGkX_OGwsxbQVU35t1ccGdsFAc0o7ZJJYoXNHaoEpJJkpnuWhWa3EAgGaOjnI-Mra-t2aa5ZFcitMyogdkHW99KZv-Cr_y_tt8M_m|6I9xY_3PcYzOD9Ax8bjUl0b73rRo0BaAl5a2F7rAYdlHahwWc71UoRXs5JO8pbGldcplQm|iA4KGy8_6i_Fe9nnEjsDD2z47DiEUf1BrUjwfQlRla0z_9CyutGSnOtbQBRLpf7QzYoQGm|1366544098
                        [expires] =>
                        [path] => /
                        [domain] =>
                        [secure] =>
                        [httponly] =>
                [1] => WP_Http_Cookie Object
                        [name] => cookie_check
                        [value] => yes
                        [expires] => 1681904098
                        [path] => /
                        [domain] =>
                        [secure] =>
                        [httponly] =>
                [2] => WP_Http_Cookie Object
                        [name] => navcmd
                        [value] => _notify-validate
                        [expires] =>
                        [path] => /
                        [domain] =>
                        [secure] =>
                        [httponly] =>
                [3] => WP_Http_Cookie Object
                        [name] => navlns
                        [value] => 0.0
                        [expires] => 1997264098
                        [path] => /
                        [domain] =>
                        [secure] =>
                        [httponly] =>
                [4] => WP_Http_Cookie Object
                        [name] => Apache
                        [value] =>
                        [expires] => 2312624098
                        [path] => /
                        [domain] =>
        [filename] =>
    04-21-2013 @ 11:34:58 - Received valid response from PayPal
    04-21-2013 @ 11:34:58 - Found order #1599
    04-21-2013 @ 11:34:58 - Payment status: pending

    Ok, found this thread

    Put $order->payment_complete(); in thankyou.php.
    Then, after paypal redirect back to your site, it will change status to completed.

    <?php else : ?>
    <?php $order->payment_complete(); ?>
    <p><?php _e(‘Thank you. Your order has been received.’, ‘woocommerce’); ?></p>

    Anyway, this is just for quick fix only.
    Still wonder why we have to do this?

    Why don’t woocommerce fix or help explain this issue?

    Note to future readers: the solution above is wrong. The “unilateral” code returned from PayPal means that the email address used for payments has not been verified, so the payment is not yet released. WooCommerce is functioning correctly by not treating the payment as confirmed.


    Sorry but I don’t understand when you say that “the payment is not yet released. WooCommerce is functioning correctly by not treating the payment as confirmed.”
    Why Woocommerce doesn’t take into account the payment confirmation ? Is it not part of their functionalities ? In my opinion it should be taken otherwise we never know if the payment is OK and it will oblige the administrator to go to the Paypal account for checking the payment and to modify the command status accordingly.
    I wonder that it is more in relation with the sandbox option and the Paypal standard option.
    I already used this with the Estore plugin and Paypal Pro without problem but still not with Woocommerce.
    For the time being many users find the same problem, including myself, without finding any solution and without any possibility to report to the Woocommerce support!!!

    Tell me where I can change the word discount in the plug woocommerce such action to the word?

    I sent a message to the sale support concerning technical support.
    This is the reply I got:

    Maria (WooThemes)
    Sep 05 21:13 (UTC)
    Hi Soule,
    Thank you for contacting WooThemes! I’m happy to hear you’ve tested out WooCommerce. The best way to submit a possible bug would be to contact our Ninjas by opening a new ticket here:
    – however, you will not have access to the Help Desk until you purchase a product from Once you do, our Ninjas can help take a look, do testing and if it is confirmed as a bug they will submit this to the devs. Otherwise, there is a public forum on GitHub where you could report possible issues:
    – but this is not an official support forum nor is it supposed to be used for questions if you need help troubleshooting our Help Desk is the best place, or the public WooCommerce forum here:
    WooThemes Support

    That is clear that without purchasing any Woo product no Woo contact support is allowed.
    This is a very strange policy which prevent any improvement or bug reporting. Woo is not a poker playing cart saying “you have to pay first before to see…..”

    @ Pitou31
    Welcome to the real world 😀
    WooThemes interested, first of all, make money.

    Of course, E-commerce is money ….
    But we must think about that, there are using an open source foundation which is the free (for the moment) WP platform. Strange to make money then because without WP no Woocommerce plugin is possible. They should refund some money back to WP from their benefit. I can better understand the business policy of products like Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, etc, which are independent product, but making money under the WP back is not honest in my opinion.
    Another example:
    As many people knows, for all the basic e-commerce product the shipping cost calculation and standard parameters like Fixed rate is a weak function and don’t reflect the reality. This is the case of Woocommerce in standard. So they are proposing a very expensive plugin to calculate the shipping prices based on different parameters like the product weight and countries. You can find for free a very nice WP plugin called AWD Weight/Country Shipping doing the same. if the users are not aware they will spend money off for nothing and of course Woocommerce doesn’t say anything which is not normal too.
    Also I am surprised to see that Woocommerce doesn’t run well using some Themes, including the basic WP standard themes like Twenty Ten WP Theme. Many articles advice you to purchase Woo Themes probably for that reason. I found out in the forum that people have a bug with Woocommerce because of using different theme than Woocommerce themes. It is at the limit of the proprietary solution.
    Conclusion before purchasing anything make a search and make deep tests on using your theme.

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