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  • I’ve run into this problem before where the wysiwyg editor isn’t enough for a client. I’ve got them choosing a page template (1, 2 or 3 column) but they need to have specific markup to help them line up the content to be inserted. Easiest example is image left with some content on the right. Is there a way to create a wysiwyg button or any other solution in function.php that can be used to drop in say… two divs with specific css classes to float them left and right. That way they can just select or click in the markup and drop in the image and content themselves? I don’t want to teach them html and css or answer questions on how to do something, faster for me to just do it, give them a couple options and be done.

    I was considering a shortcode but they don’t show up in the view as the markup and allow pasting of content or image etc. But if there was a way to do that, that would be cool.

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