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  • Hi there, we have a site that has a home page but also 3 sections, culture, travel and migration. We’d like a home page for these sections too. Does anyone know how we can do that please? Simple terms only, I’m very new to this and whilst I can find my way around wordpress fine, coding is another language to me!

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  • what exact do you mean? one site have only one home page. if a site contains sections then each section have their own page. you can call these pages as home page of a particular section.


    That’s what I mean. For instance, our site is here There you get the home page and you’ll notice that we have on the left hand side, a travel section, culture and migration. When you click on ‘travel’ we’d like it to take you to a home page for that section that mirrors the main home page.

    Does that make sense?

    wouldn’t just creating pages do that trick?

    It’s an option from your wordpress dashpord…. pages/add new

    Erm, it’s not that simple is it? Please don’t tell me it’s that simple or I’m going to look really quite thick!

    Ah ha, no I’m not that thick! What I want is not just a new page. But like the home page has latest news, latest features etc, we want to tailor that for each section. So when you click on travel, you’ll get latest travel news only, latest travel features only, travel TV etc and all the options within travel, in the centre for easy navigation.

    So for instance, if you go to and click on home moving, a page will come up that’s full of info related to home moving.

    Is that any clearer?

    ok, so you are trying to set up category template pages then?

    it’s definitely not as simple as just point and click then, but maybe this helps?

    Right, gotta pick kids up but will read that when I come back. Our main guy who manages our site for us has left you see, so we’re floundering a bit.

    Just stick with it! As long as you can spend a bit of time, you’ll figure it all out….

    WordPress is quite simple to learn I think (I’m not a software guy….I just poke around and google til things work)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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