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    I do not see where I can set the order the lessons of a course display in.
    It appears the lesson listing is set to an alphabetical method only.
    Is there a setting or code change somewhere that changes the default behavior?

    My preference would be to have a field available that allows the creator to set the sequence of lessons. Is that possible in the existing code? Or… with the use of something like Advanced Custom Fields plugin or similar?

    Any suggestions on the right way to get this kind of functionality without losing it after every upgrade?

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  • Plugin Author prasunsen


    You can guide the user through lessons by placing links to the next lesson at the end of each lesson. See also the section with lesson requirements, you can set that some lesson must be completed before another is started. The order lessons appear in the list doesn’t really matter.



    Yes I can do set the use sequence in the lesson requirements, but the order they appear (when using the short code [namaste-course-lessons]) when listing them on a course description page does matter to me and my students.

    A work around I have used so far is to put something like 01-lesson name, 02-lesson name or Lesson 01 – Name, lesson 02- Name. But that look really unprofessional in my opinion. Especially when the fix is so simple if there was an “Order” field for the lesson.

    Also, I notice that the automatic Listing of the previous and next links (at the bottom of each lesson) crosses over courses. Meaning that when you are on the first lesson of a course, the link that appears where the Previous lesson of THAT course should be is actually a less from a completely different course entirely.

    The same situation appears at on the last lesson page of a course, where it displays a lesson from a different course when there are no more lesson in the course.

    How do I remove the lesson links that are NOT part of the course specifically?

    Plugin Author prasunsen


    The previous/next links come from your WP theme, they are links to posts in general I think, not just lessons. So you need to edit your theme




    I have run into similar problems and discovered that the shortcode


    could display the lessons of a course in the order you want as long as the lessons are saved in that order. The first lesson you want displayed needs to be the “oldest” (based on date/time created).

    Using the short-code [namaste-course-lessons] are in alphabetical order which is why I was unable to use this shortcode and had to customize the [namaste-todo] for my needs.

    Not sure if this helps at all, but thought it couldn’t hurt to inform you of the todo functionality.

    Plugin Author prasunsen


    Hi folks, in 1.2.6 we’ve just added options to order the lessons in [namaste-course-lessons] shortcode. It’s a bit technical because you need to use the SQL field names (like post_date, post_title etc) but it gives you full flexibility.

    This is great news. Thank you, Thank you!

    Will you please share where those options can be accessed or edited?
    or where additional detailed information can be seen.

    Plugin Author prasunsen


    It’s only in the Help page for now, we’ll see how to make this a bit easier to use soon.

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