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  • Trying to do this produces 404 errors on the tag pages. Apparently there could be some sort of undocumented internal conflict. (permalink interface broken by default)

    Desired Site Output:


    Changed it in the “permalinks” section, and even tried a modification of category-template.php that rewrote the url seemingly, but still 404 error. You cant just pop “basename” into both cat and tag or it errors out on the tag.

    Tried many combinations of setting the /blog base in the general section and permalinks.

    using 2.7

    I am comfortable changing myql fields if anyone knows. Also this plugin didn’t help:

    Top Level Categories

    HOW TO HAVE THE SAME CATEGORY AND TAG BASE HAS ANYONE DONE IT SUCCESSFULLY. ( 10 pages deep on google trying, and 2 hours here )


    inside wp_term_taxonomy a tag is designated with “post_tag” and category “category” but that looks like the only difference.. heck you could even give a tag a parent i wonder what would happen

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  • someone must have tried this?

    Rollback to 2.6:

    no changes in behavior

    Mod Rewrite:

    ok I thought about rewriting the urls with mod rewrite, but that would not work because there would be nothing to tell it when to stick in “tag” and when to put “category” in the url if they are identical. Or maybe there is some way to do it out there.

    Attempt to redo the “Top Level Categories” plugin for tags:

    This matter was accomplished by doing a find and replace for the word “Category” and changing it to the word tag within the body of the plugin php file.

    The url changed as hopped when the modified plugin was loaded, but a 404 error appears in the tag page like previous attempts.

    The key to this question might be figuring out how wp calls post out of the db, and determining what is wrong through trial and error starting with some research.

    ok, artificially gave a category a parent, the same parent category that happened to be the base for all other categories

    update wp_term_taxonomy set parent=’132′ where term_id=’63’;

    still ellusive

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