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    I have a two column theme. The second column or sidebar is where I put my widgets.

    All of my pages look great the way they are supposed to with text/article on the left and then the standard/repeating content in the side bar. I added a page today and the text/article content is running the whole page width and bleeding underneath the widget area.

    How do I set the margins for my new page?

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  • Assuming you´re running a child theme then either look for your themes css file and search for .entry-content and if it is not there, write it like this:

    .entry-content {


    As usual, edit your the stylesheet called “style.css” in your theme folder.
    Then, customize margin/width for the class you want the the change take effect.

    You may try to use Google Chrome ‘inspector’ to find out the good class to change.

    If my other pages work just fine, then is it still necessary to add this information? How do I distinguish this one page from the rest?

    This seems like a very advanced edit. Is there another way to make the edits without editing the css?

    Here is the new page that I am trying to fix:

    This is what all of my other pages look like:

    It works perfectly in Safari and Chrome Browser and does not work in Firefox, Internet Explorer.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    You’re right it doesn’t work in FF.. but you are running an old theme and your version of WP is ancient. I would consider upgrading and finding a new theme.

    As to a fix, I would perhaps just delete that page and make a new one, and see if the same thing happens.



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    That page has many mark-up errors which are likely at least one of the causes of the layout errors:

    The newer WP versions and themes gave a lot of attention to browser compability, you should or rather you HAVE TO upgrade in order to make it work. Don´t worry if your site looks a mess first, you might want to readdress certain areas in the .css files as their names might be different but checking your site in Firefox then click “Inspect element” shows you which div you´re addressing.

    And no, putting some code into .css is not advanced at all. It is just styling, almost like putting on a new shirt 😉

    Thank you for all of the input. I really appreciate it.

    Did you update everything? Does it work now?

    Check your sidebar on the books page.. it seems to be mis-handling it’s content as well.
    Also the grey divider bars aren’t on any other pages and maybe deleting them will offer insight.
    And adding the buy buttons on the left of the content may make a difference.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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