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  • Hello

    I’ve been using custom jquery themeroller themes in the default uploads/wp-ui successfully.

    But now I would like to place that css elsewhere such as:


    When entering the above path in both the Directory path and Directory URL I get a warning page “are you sure you want to do this”, and I confirm.

    But when I go back to the Style tab, and do a scan for themes, the scan reports no themes found in uploads/wp-ui, the default dir.

    I also see that the paths I entered are not shown in the fields.

    My wp install is in the root of the site.


    1. Do I have the correct path entered in both fields ?
    2. Should the paths be shown in the fields where they were entered ?
    3. When successfully configured should the scan now look in my custom dir ?


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  • Plugin Author kavingray


    The answer to your questions. 🙂

    1) Yes, You have to enter the correct ones, But please note that one is for Path ( directory) and another is URL to that folder.
    2) Paths will be automatically included in the URL of scanned styles.
    3) As told earlier, yes it should. The changed one will be the default path now. That means old ones in ‘uploads/wp-ui’ wont be scanned.

    Some additional consideration should be taken when you have
    1) WordPress installed into a folder ( not in your case)
    2) Custom WP_Content_DIR and WP_CONTENT_URL

    Thanks kavin

    So it must be that I have not got the Path and URL as it should be.

    Since the wp install is at the root I used:



    Should I be doing this different ?

    Surely not like this ? :


    Plugin Author kavingray


    No, Both the Path and url should be from root or from domain. –



    should work correctly. 🙂

    I see.

    It makes life more difficult when working between dev and production. >

    Means we have to manually change something that a domain relative path would avoid.

    I’m suggesting the plugin should make use of the site url to prepend the domain relative path. Which means we only need to locate the folder once.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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