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  • Does anyone know how I would go about doing this. I’ve tried handfuls of different ways (and multiple days of work hours) and none of them worked. I’m starting to wonder if the WooCommerce plugin files are overwriting how taxonomies are dealt with. Doing a simple get_term or likes doesn’t give back the results I’d normally expect.

    I basically need to be able to either change the header title image or call a different custom header file based on the product category. This would include product category archive template and the single product template.

    I have a more or less moderate grip on how WordPress works and I thought this would fairly easy or have been done by someone out there and surprisingly I’ve found nothing that helped me figure it out.

    Rather than giving you examples of what I’ve tried (which would make this post 10x as long) I’m hoping someone who has a solid grasp on how to work with WP and WooCommerce to come along and help me out.

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